The AirWatch App Wrapping system can log data about the wrapped application, but it does not store location data, analytics, or telecom data.

Disabling Logging in Wrapping Profiles

To deploy a wrapped application, you assign it a profile. You can enable the logging payload and configure the logging level in that profile. When you apply the profile to the wrapped application, the system creates an application log.

If you do not want the console to log data about the application, ensure that this feature is disabled. Find the setting in these places:

  • In the default VMware Workspace ONE SDK settings in Settings and Policies
  • In a custom VMware Workspace ONE SDK profile

Location Data, Analytics, and Telecom Data

The AirWatch App Wrapping system does not track location, analytics, or telecom data. Although, other sections of the console do if you configure the settings.

  • The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub tracks location data.
  • The Workspace ONE SDK records analytics.
  • The Telecom dashboard reports telecom data for devices.

Disable these features if you do not want to track this data.