Workspace ONE UEM is certified to wrap applications built using Xamarin, but you must override all methods by the super class.

To override method() from the super class, call super.method() in the method(). This process requires the addition of code to all applicable classes. You must also use Visual Studio Enterprise Edition to package the application.

Code to Add

Public void onCreate(Bundle param ){
Super.onCreate(param);        // make sure you have this call in order for App Wrapping to be supported with Xamarin apps
Add code to all classes extending to the listed classes.
  • Application.class
  • Activity.class
  • AppCompatActivity.clas,
  • AccountAuthenticatorActivity.class
  • ExpandableListActivity.class
  • FragmentActivity.class
  • ListActivity.class
  • NativeActivity.class
  • LauncherActivity.class
  • PreferenceActivity.class
  • Webview.class
  • WebviewClient.class

Visual Studio Enterprise Edition

To package applications for installation, use Visual Studio Enterprise Edition. You must select to Enable Bundle Assemblies into Native Code or the app wrapping engine cannot wrap the application.