Known Issues for App Wrapping

App wrapping has known issues, some with workarounds and some without. If you are having difficulty with your wrapped app, see if there is a known issue with a suggested work around.

Known Issue – Browsing Web Sites and Accessing HTTP Endpoints, iOS

Browsing Web sites and accessing HTTP endpoints is slow when you use the VMware Tunnel. This behavior occurs only on iOS.

  • Explanation

    When accessing a Web site or an HTTP/S endpoint using the VMware Tunnel, every request is signed for VMware Tunnel validation. This signing can add significant overhead for Web sites that have many requests.

    A Web page that contains many resources (images, css, and javascript files) exhibits delays because each resource that is downloaded is signed. For example, a page with 50 images and many javascript files sees delays much greater than a Web page with only 5 resources.

    Workspace ONE UEM is developing new VMware Tunnel functionality to resolve this architectural issue.

    Note: The known issue does not affect Android.

  • Workaround

    The app wrapping version deployed with Workspace ONE UEM improves the performance of browsing in Web sites using HTTPS.

    The latest app wrapping version does not improve the slow behavior with Web sites that use HTTP.

    Consider creating a self-signed SSL certificate for the Web site or endpoint and test the browsing speed with the new app wrapping implementation.

Known Issue – DAR, Data at Rest, Encryption

Workspace ONE UEM and the app wrapping feature does not support DAR encryption for the app wrapping engine for iOS. However, it does support DAR encryption for the app wrapping engine for Android. Workspace ONE UEM uses the Advanced Encryption Standard, AES-256, with encrypted keys for encryption and decryption.

  • Explanation, Android

    When you enable DAR in app wrapping, the app wrapping engine injects an alternative file system into the application. It securely stores all the data in the application. The application uses the alternative file system to store all files in an encrypted storage section instead of storing files in disk.

    DAR encryption helps protect data in case the device is compromised because the encrypted files created during the lifetime of the application are difficult to access by an attacker. This protection applies to any local SQLite database, because all local data is encrypted in a separate storage system.

  • Explanation, iOS

    Although Workspace ONE UEM and the app wrapping feature do not currently support DAR for iOS, review the following information on data protection when developing iOS applications.

    iOS 7 includes data protection for all third-party applications. This data protection requires no action by a developer to enable the DAR encryption. However, it requires the device user to set a passcode.

    The data protection level that is enabled by default is the same as the Complete until first login mode. The local files are encrypted from the time the device restarts to the time the end-user unlocks the device.

Known Issue – Incorrect Parameter Error for iOS Applications

Save Failed error displays after uploading a wrapped iOS application to the Workspace ONE UEM console.

  • Explanation

    When uploading iOS applications to Workspace ONE UEM, you also upload the corresponding certificates and provisioning profile. A corrupted certificate can cause the following error when wrapping an iOS application in Workspace ONE UEM.

  • Workaround

    Check the validity of the certificate using these processes.

    • Validate the bundle ID of the application to the corresponding certificate and provisioning profile.
    • Validate the certificate on a Mac device by double-clicking the certificate file and adding it to the Keychain. If the certificate fails to add to the Keychain, the certificate does not work.
    • Validate the certificate on Windows by double-selecting the certificate to import it to the local machine. If the import wizard displays an error at any time, the certificate does not work.
    • Validate that the certificate has the P12 file extension. If it does not, the certificate does not work.

Known Issue – Wrapped App Run Failure

Wrapped apps loop continuously when starting from the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub or the Container application.

  • Explanation

    A possible cause for the loop is a setting in the wrapped app that forces the application to close when you send it to the background.

  • Workaround

    Check the PLIST file for the setting UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend. If this option is enabled, remove the setting a rewrap the application.

Known Issue – Issues Wrapping With Apple iOS 8

Applications are not wrapping successfully or are not loading on to devices running Apple iOS 8 after wrapping.

  • Explanation – Compatibility

    Applications developed to run on Apple iOS 8 are not functioning as expected when tunneling through VMware Tunnel or using other application settings and policies.

  • Workaround – Compatibility

    Validate the date the app was wrapped and the app wrapping engine version to ensure that the engine was compatible with the iOS version. If the wrapping date or engine version is different than what is listed, rewrap the application.

    Find this information on the Wrapping tab by navigating to Apps & Books > Applications > Native > Internal. Select Edit from the actions menu of the wrapped app to view the Wrapping tab.

    • Use the Wrapped Engine version 3.2.1 or later. If the engine version was before 3.2.1, the older engine version might have caused an issue with wrapping.
    • Check that the date the app was wrapped is after September 15, 2014. If it was before this date, the app wrapping engine was not compatible with Apple iOS 8 at the time.
  • Explanation – Code Signing Signature

    Applications developed to run on Apple iOS 8 are not functioning as expected. The application cannot find the code signing signature as recorded in this MMAP error.

    [deny-mmap] mapped file has no team identifier and is not a platform binary: /private/var/mobile/Containers/Bundle/Application/………../…………/libappwrap.dylib
  • Workaround – Code Signing Signature

    Regenerate the signing certificate and the mobile provisioning file and rewrap the application. Reupload the application and the regenerated auxiliary files in the Workspace ONE UEM console.

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