Before you can manage any DEP-enabled devices, you must sync them from the UEM console after you register them with Apple.

Sync Apple DEP Devices Manually

If you selected Sync Now and Assign to All Devices, then the registered devices are automatically synced when you save your DEP Profile. If you decide to add more devices later, perform a manual sync using the instructions below or wait for the DEP sync scheduler to run.

  1. Navigate to Devices > Lifecycle > Enrollment Status.
  2. Select the devices to sync.
  3. Navigate to Add > Sync Devices and follow the prompt to complete the process.
    • Sync Devices – This option is available only after the DEP is set up in the console. Selecting this option populates the UEM console with any newly registered devices from Apple Business Manager. It also automatically assigns the current Default Profile Assigned for Newly Synced Devices to devices, if the feature was configured earlier.

Note: The Workspace ONE UEM console supports the ability to Fetch All Devices. See the Best Practices for Using Server Tokens topic to know when to use each option.