Since the device is registered with the Apple Business Manager, follow the Setup Assistant on the device to complete device enrollment using Apple Business Manager.

The Setup Assistant displays the options that were chosen when the DEP profile was created for that device. If you require end users to generate their own enrollment tokens in the Self-Service Portal, they must complete that step before enrolling their devices. For more information about end-user generated tokens, see Alternate Device Enrollment Flows.

To enroll a device:

  1. When you get a brand new device, complete the steps in the Setup Assistant. If prompted, log in to the device with user credentials. If it is an old device and to enroll the device through automated enrollment, device has to be factory reset.
  2. Verify that Supervised status is enabled by navigating to Settings in a device. Under the Device Name, you will see a notification that the device is Supervised.
  3. Verify that the MDM profile is not removable by navigating to Settings > General > Profiles and selecting the Workspace ONE UEM MDM profile. You will see that there is no option in the form of an icon to remove the profile.

For more information on DEP Enrollment for tvOS devices and macOS devices, see VMware Workspace ONE UEM Apple tvOS Platform Guide and VMware Workspace ONE UEM macOS Platform Guide.