You can move the flexible deployment priority up or down to change the app tunnel approved applications use to connect to backend and corporate networks.

This task works for applications that have more than one flexible deployment assignment configured.


  1. Access the flexible deployment assignments of a native application. Follow the substeps to access the assignments for a public application. Internal and purchased applications follow a similar workflow.
    1. To access the assignments of a public application, navigate to Resources > Apps > Native > Public in the Workspace ONE UEM console.
    2. Select the radio button for the application and select Assign.
  2. Select the assignment you want to move and select to Move Up or Move Down. Make any priority changes needed.
  3. Select to Save And Publish.


The system pushes the assignment and their configurations, including the per-app VPN profile, depending on the priority. If the assignment is at the top, the devices in the applicable groups receive the profile first.