Workspace ONE UEM has several options for editing or removing the per-app VPN profile assigned to native applications.

Changes to resources can require a change or the removal of VPN tunnels used to access applications. For example, when users move to different departments in an ornganization, their access to resources can change. In instances where you need to change or remove the VPN tunnel access for an application, you have several options.
Table 1. Edit Per-App VPN Profile Actions and Their Results
Action Result
Edit the per-app VPN profile associated in the application's flexible deployment assignment. The system associates the changed per-app VPN profile to the application and applicable groups receive the application depending on the assignment settings and priorities.
Change the priority of the flexible deployment assignment. The system pushes the assignment and its configurations, including the per-app VPN profile, depending on the priority. If the assignment is at the top, the devices in the applicable groups receive the profile first.
Deselect the per-app VPN profile in the flexible deployment assignment of the application. The system unassigns the per-app VPN profile from the groups assigned to the application.
Change a device's smart group and the device receives applications entitled to the new group. Flexible deployment assignments are assigned by smart groups. The App Tunneling and Per-App VPN settings are part of the flexible deployment assignment configurations. Move a device to a smart group that you know has the desired application and per-app VPN, and this action changes the profile for the device.