You can use the featured application option to set a few select applications apart from other applications. The option highlights specific applications within the AirWatch Catalog for your end users.

You can configure Featured Applications for Android and iOS platforms. The Workspace ONE UEM system displays featured applications in a prominent place in the AirWatch Catalog.
  • Android
    • Internal applications
    • Public applications
  • Apple iOS
    • Internal applications
    • Public applications

The AirWatch Catalog lists featured applications in the main list of applications. You can feature public and internal applications.


  1. Navigate to Resources > Apps > Settings > Featured Apps.
  2. Select Add Application by platform type, either Apple or Android.
  3. Select Public or Internal for the Application Type.
  4. Select the application you want to feature in the Application drop-down menu.
  5. Select to use the default icon for the application or to upload a different one in the Banner option.