Workspace ONE UEM console allows you to deploy applications as a link. If you have application packages stored in a repository, internal to your network or in a cloud, you can use links to these repositories to add the application to the Workspace ONE UEM console. You can one use of the following delivery configurations to deploy applications as a link to end users.

Host and distribute applications from cloud storage

If you are using cloud storage to host an internal application, Workspace ONE UEM facilitates the connection for the device to get the application package from the cloud storage system when the deployment is initiated. Workspace ONE UEM currently does not support cloud storage system links that require authentication. It is important that the internal application package that you host on a cloud storage system is a direct link. This direct link allows the end users to accept the application package through the URL.

Download and Distribute with Workspace ONE UEM

Select to have Workspace ONE UEM retrieve the package file from a link and store it rather than distributing the link directly to end-users. This functionality is useful for customers who use Workspace ONE UEM for continuous integration between systems to distribute applications. Go to the API help in the console to find the API value. Workspace ONE UEM downloads packages hosted on your internal network repository as well, but you must enable the option to access them with the Content Gateway.
Note: Windows app deployments currently require you to select Download & Distribute via WS1 UEM server when you deploy them as a Link.

Host application on internal network repository

If you are using a repository on your internal network, the Content Gateway facilitates the connection for the device to get the application from this repository when the Workspace ONE UEM console initiates the deployment. You can host internal applications on your network and manage the applications with Workspace ONE UEM. Workspace ONE UEM uses Windows File Share protocols to make externally hosted applications available to user devices.


Adding application package link to an internal repository to access via Content Gateway is no longer supported. For more information, see End of General Support for VMware Content Gateway on Windows and Linux. We recommend that you host and distribute apps either from cloud storage or Workspace ONE UEM.