Enterprise App Repository within Workspace ONE UEM speeds the delivery of frequently used Windows apps. Enterprise App Repository serves as a one-stop-shop for commonly used, pre-packaged apps that they can instantly deploy to employees Intelligent Hub catalog. The apps are pre-tested across the latest OS builds and kept up-to-date for protection against potential vulnerabilities. If you use the Content Gateway for Windows and house applications on an external server system, you can set external repositories for various platforms and application types. Workspace ONE UEM supports specific file types for external app repositories. The external app repository feature supports only internal applications.

Supported File Types

Application link must contain any of the following supported file extensions in the URL. UEM console also supports links that contain query parameters at the end. 

  • app
  • appx
  • apk
  • dmg
  • exe
  • ipa
  • msi
  • pkg
  • xap
  • zip

The following table lists the platform-specific supported extensions for all the applications that are uploaded as a link:

Table 1. Supported Extensions by Platform

Supported File Types
Apple iOS IPA
macOS Application package bundle
Android APK
Symbian SIS and SISX
Windows Phone XAP
Windows Desktop that works for all three processors, x64, x86, and ARM APPX, msi, zip and .exe

Supported Deployments

  • SaaS deployments using the Content Gateway for Windows for secure communications
  • On-premises deployments using the Content Gateway for Windows for secure communications

Credentials for Multiple Repositories

If your repositories require authentication, Workspace ONE UEM uses one set of credentials to communicate between the Content Gateway and your repositories. For this feature to work, use a common set of credentials for the Content Gateway to communicate with your repositories. Add one set of credentials for your repositories you configured with the Content Gateway.