Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch offers Mobile Application Management™ (MAM) functionality that helps you manage mobile applications, deploy them to the devices, and secure the applications with the compliance policies. Mobile Application Management solution is a management console that takes the control of selected applications on the end-user mobile device.

Mobile Application Management solution in general include a runtime library that can be integrated with a mobile application at the build time. The library might be packaged as a software development kit (SDK), for example. Integration of the library is not mandatory for all applications in the scope of the solution. Mobile Application Management (MAM) requires enrollment as a first step, also called onboarding. Enrollment is the establishment of a connection with the enterprise’s management console. Depending on the solution, the connection is either between the device and the management console, or between the application and the management console, or both.

Some common enrollment mechanisms are as follows:

  • Pre-enrollment, also known as out of box, in which the mobile device has been allocated to the enterprise at some point in the device’s manufacture or packaging.
  • Entry of enrollment credentials in a user interface that is part of the operating system.
  • Entry of enrollment credentials in a dedicated Mobile Application Management solution endpoint application, sometimes called an agent or device administrator.
  • Entry of enrollment credentials in an enterprise application that has integrated the SDK of the Mobile Application Management solution. The application can be an email client, for example.
  • Facilitated enrollment by delegation to an application on the device that has already been enrolled using another mechanism.