The Details View of an application is an alternative page to perform management functions and audit information about internal applications and public applications that are part of a Microsoft Store for Business deployment.

Supported Application Types

This view is available for the following application types.
  • Internal applications
  • Public applications that are part of a Microsoft Store for the Business deployment

Setting Descriptions

Available tabs vary depending on the application type.
  • Details View Tabs
    Setting Description
    Summary Displays information to help you track installed application versions and application deployments.
    Details Displays information configured on the Details tab during the initial upload.
    Licenses Displays online and offline licenses claimed for a Microsoft Store for Business, public application.
    Devices Offers options to notify devices about applications and to install or remove applications from the device.
    Screenshots Displays screenshots of the Microsoft Store for the Business application's user interface.
    Assignment Displays the configured flexible deployments (assignments) for the application or the groups assigned to the application.
    Files Displays the files added during the initial upload. Find application files, provisioning profiles, Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) files, and architecture applications files. Auxiliary files are required to run certain application files in the mobile environment.
    More Lists optional features:
    • Images – If you uploaded mobile images, tablet images, and icons with the application, displays them.
    • Terms of Use – Displays the terms of use, if configured, that device users must view and accept before they can use the application.
    • SDK – Displays information pertaining to the use of the VMware Workspace ONE SDK. It lists the SDK profile that applies to the application, which enables its Workspace ONE UEM functionality. It also lists the application profile, which controls the use of certificates for communication.
    • App Wrapping – Displays information pertaining to the wrapping of the application. Some of the information on this tab includes the app wrapping status, the wrapped engine version used, and the size of the wrapped application.
  • Actions Menu Options
    Setting Description
    Edit Displays the application record for editing the tabs first configured when you uploaded the application.
    Assign Displays the flexible deployment record allowing you to add assignments and prioritize them or enables you to assign and edit groups assigned to the application.
    Sync Licenses Syncs online and offline licenses claimed by applications in a Microsoft Store Business integration.
    Add Version Upload a different version of an application and push it to devices.
    Manage Control removal of applications and flexible deployment batching. This feature is for admins, and is not available to all users.
    • Retire – Removes an application from all managed devices.

      For iOS devices, if an older version of the application exists in the Workspace ONE UEM solution, then this older version is pushed to devices.

    • Deactivate – Removes an application and all versions of it from all managed devices.
    • Bypass Batching – Bypasses flexible deployment batching and releases all installation commands for applications.
    View Display the popularity of applications and issues with applications for troubleshooting application problems.
    • User Ratings – Accesses ratings of applications using the star system, which you can use to gauge the popularity of internal applications.
    • Events – Shows device and console events for applications and allows you to export these events as a CSV file.
    Version Add updated versions of applications, and accesses previous versions of internal applications.
    • Add Version – Updates your internal application with a new version.
    • Other Versions – Shows previous versions of an internal application that were added to the Workspace ONE UEM console.
    Delete Application Remove the application from devices and from the Workspace ONE UEM console.
    Other Actions If the application uses app wrapping or SDK functionality, displays other options. If the application does not use app wrapping or SDK, the system does not display them.
    • Manage Feedback – Control feedback for applications for Apple iOS. This option appears under specific conditions so review the topic for these conditions.
    • View Analytics – Exports the analytics for internal applications that use the VMware Workspace ONE SDK.
    • View Logs – Downloads or deletes log files for internal SDK and wrapped applications.