To take the advantage of the Workspace ONE experience, integrate Workspace ONE UEM and Workspace ONE UEM. You can use it as a unified app catalog to distribute numerous types of applications.

Workspace ONE UEM Public and Internal Apps and Workspace ONE

For public and internal, you can configure to deploy the application depending on the device management status. Set an application for open access and any device can access the application. Set an application for managed access and a device must grant admins permissions to their device to access the application.

Access Type Suggested Uses

Managed Access Device users access resources by granting admins permissions on their devices (installs a management profile on the device).

The application is available to devices already managed by Workspace ONE UEM.

If Workspace ONE UEM does not manage the device, Workspace ONE prompts the device to enroll with Workspace ONE UEM. If it enrolls, it can access the application. If it does not enroll, it cannot access the application through Workspace ONE.

  • Remove sensitive corporate data from applications when device users leave the organization or lose their devices.
  • Require app tunneling when applications access the intranet.
  • Enable single sign-on for applications.
  • Track user adoption and installation statuses for applications.
  • Deploy the application automatically upon enrollment.

Open Access Device users access resources without granting admins permissions on their devices.

The application is available to devices no matter their managed status.

  • Provide application access to end-users immediately upon login, without elevated security permissions.
  • Suggest the use of the application without requiring its installation, and let device users install it when they want. These applications do not contain sensitive corporate data and they do not access protected corporate resources.
  • Distribute applications without the Workspace ONE UEM MDM profile to auxiliary personnel like contractors and consultants.

Workspace ONE UEM Web Apps and Workspace ONE

Workspace ONE enables access to applications located in the Web tab of the Workspace ONE UEM console. It pulls the URL, the application description, and the icon.