Public Applications summary metrics for the store applications that are deployed to your end-user devices and the devices list associated with a particular VPP application can be used for reporting and taking bulk actions. The view provides visual indications of your application deployment progress. You can get a summary of all the public applications that are managed at a particular OG. The granular view provides you with the application information the includes Application Status, Managed By and the Application ID. You can also filter the public applications deployment status view using the Smart Groups filter.

Complete the following steps if you wish to track the application deployment of public applications.


  1. Navigate to Resources > Apps > Public.
  2. The Summary tab displays deployment charts that lets you to take a deep dive into the application deployment progress.
    Analytic Data Snapshot
    Filter by Smart Group You can use the filed to view the summary of the devices that belong to a particular smart group.

    For example, if an application is deployed to all your end-user devices and you like to get an understanding of how the deployment is progressing for your 'APAC' region, you can select APAC Smart Group from the Filter by Smart Group drop-down.
    Assignment and Install Details Displays installation details of devices that have the application assigned from Workspace ONE UEM. The view provides a clear picture of all the devices that have an assignment for each active version managed at the current OG.

    Installed – Lists the number of devices that have installed the application.

    Not Installed – Lists the number of devices that have not installed the application.

    Last Action Details Displays the actions that were last taken by Workspace ONE UEMconsole on the particular version.
    Installation Status Details This is a representation of the data reported by devices that includes the detailed information about the installation state of this application and is not tied to a particular version.
    Note: The final state for is field is Managed.
    Installs without assignments For the ease of access and to drive actions, dislpays all the devices that have a particular version of an application installed but do not have valid assignment from Workspace ONE UEMconsole. Could list the devices that were previously assigned to this version of the application or the ones that side-loaded the application.