Use Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch to push Windows apps to Windows Desktop (Windows 10) devices. View what file types the system supports for each app type.

Application Types and Supported Platforms for Windows

Workspace ONE UEM classifies applications as internal, public, and Web and you can upload applications depending on the type. This topic describes the supported platforms and deployment for each of the application type.

Table 1. Application Types and Supported Platforms for Windows
Application Type Supported Platforms
Internal Windows Desktop (Windows 10)
  • APPX
Note: Upload an APPX file, which can be x86, x64, or ARM. However, the APPX installs on only devices that use the same architecture. For example, if you use ARM, Workspace ONE UEM does not queue an installation command for the x64 and x86 architectures. It does not push the application to devices that use x64 or x86 architectures.
  • EXE: Upload an EXE package of Win32 applications for Windows 10.
  • MSI: The MSI file, also called a Windows Installer, is a package that contains everything to install, maintain, and remove the software.
  • ZIP: Upload a ZIP package of Win32 applications for Windows 10.
Public (Free and Paid) The Microsoft Store for Business allows you to acquire, manage, and distribute applications in bulk. If you use Workspace ONE UEM to manage your Windows 10 devices, you can integrate the two systems. After integration, acquire applications from the Microsoft Store for Business and distribute the applications and manage their updated versions with Workspace ONE UEM

You can assign public applications imported from the Microsoft Store for Business to apply them to devices with the flexible deployment feature. You can also assign online and offline licenses depending on your license management strategy.

Web Links

The Workspace ONE UEM console supports Windows Desktop (Windows 10) to push and manage web links applications. A Web Clips Profile allows you to push URLs on to end-user devices for the easy access to important websites.

You can add web links applications using two methods.

  • As an application in the Resources section of the Workspace ONE UEM console.

  • As a Web clip device profile in the Devices section of the UEM console.