Sometimes you might want to test your application and fix any technical or user experience difficulties with minimal user impact, and later select to release the best version of your application to most users. Workspace ONE UEM console provides you with the ability to test and deploy any number of custom releases before releasing the production version.

Supporting custom release of the application lets organizations test third-party apps, and any private apps they develop in-house. You can publish applications to the custom testing tracks in the Google Play console and then assign the applications to Workspace ONE UEM smart groups.


  • Make sure you have the APK file for the new version you want to publish.
  • If there are multiple devices registered to one user but assigned to different tracks, navigate to Groups and Settings > Devices & users > Android > Android EMM Registration > Enrollment Settings and set the Work Managed Enrollment Type as Device-Based. The setting ensures that a different GoogleID record is generated per device, and so different app versions from the Managed Play console can be assigned.


  1. Navigate to Resources > Apps > Public > Add Application.
  2. Select Android from the Platform drop-down menu. Leave the Name blank and select Next.
    Google Play console opens directly from the Workspace ONE UEM console.
  3. Access the Private Apps from the left menu.
  4. Select the Private application for which you want to add the custom release for testing.
  5. Click Make advanced edits under Advanced editing options.
  6. You are directed to the Google Play console login page. In the Google Play console, complete the following steps to create Closed Test Track of the application.
    1. Log in to the Google Play console using the google account tied to your Workspace ONE tenant. Go to your app and navigate to Release management > App release. Select Create Closed Track.
    2. Under Organizations, click Edit.
    3. Select the organization corresponding to the Workspace ONE organization group and click Done.
    4. Click Create Release.
    5. Add the APK file.
      After adding the APK file, you can see details about the version code and size of the file.
    6. Click Save at the bottom of the screen, then Review.
      View any of the warning messages and make necessary changes to the app, as requested.
      Note: It is safe to ignore a warning message about the testers, as it is defined though Workspace ONE later.
    7. Click Start Rollout and Confirm the rollout.
  7. In Workspace ONE UEM console, select the application from Resources > Apps > Native.
  8. Click Assign and Add Assignment.
  9. Select the Assignment Group for the new custom release of your application.
  10. In the Distribution tab, select the closed testing track that you have created from the Pre-release Version drop-down as per your deployment.
  11. Click Save and Publish.
  12. Click Publish to confirm the assignment. The version corresponding to the rules in step 11a is made available to appropriate groups.

What to do next

After testing the custom release of your application, you can release the application to production in the Google Play console.