OEMConfig is a standard solution for Android original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to provide additional management capabilities to administrators, on top of what is natively offered by the Android Enterprise. OEMConfig is an application that is built and maintained by the OEM and hosted on Google Play. The application takes advantage of AppConfig standards by allowing the administrator to dynamically configure any setting desired that the OEM offers in a data-driven user interface. Because the settings are data-driven and app-based, console upgrades are not required to access the latest settings offered by the OEM.

Use OEMConfig applications to add, create, and customize OEM-specific settings for Android Enterprise devices. The application is published to devices through UEM and silently installed using Android Enterprise Managed Google Play. Customized settings are delivered to the application during or post-install, and the application calls the corresponding, proprietary APIs on the device. Different OEMs might include different settings, and these settings might vary depending on the management mode (Work Managed, Work Profile, or COPE). The available settings depend on what the OEM includes in their OEMConfig app. Contact your OEM vendor for more information on their support of OEMConfig.