You can use Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch to push industry templates, purchased, purchased VPP, public and internal applications, web apps and SaaS applications to iOS devices.

Application Types and Suported OS Versions for iOS

Workspace ONE UEM classifies applications as native (internal, public, purchased), SaaS, and Web apps. You can use Workspace ONE UEM to manage the deployment and maintenance of your iOS applications. You can upload applications depending on the type. Workspace ONE UEM supports the OS Versions for iOS applications based on the application type.

You can choose from the following app types:

  • Public Apps: Apps that have been uploaded to the App store, or the Google Play store are examples of public apps. The provider of a store app maintains and provides updates to the app. You select the app in the store list and add it by usingWorkspace ONE UEM as an available app for your users.
  • Internal Apps: Apps that are created in-house are internal apps. Your organization creates and provides you with updates as a separate file. You provide updates of the app to users by adding and deploying the updates using Workspace ONE UEM.
  • Web Apps: Web apps are client-server applications. The server provides the web app, which includes the UI, content, and functionality. Also, modern web hosting platforms commonly offer security, load balancing, and other benefits. This type of app is separately maintained on the web.
Table 1. Application Types and Supported OS Versions
Application Type Supported Platforms

Industry Templates

Any Supported App Type

Apple iOS v7.0+ with limitations for compliance policies
  • Apple iOS v7.0+
Note: Ensure that the auxiliary files packaged with Apple iOS or macOS applications do not have spaces in the names. Spaces can cause issues when you load the application to the console.
Public (Free and Paid)
  • Apple iOS v7.0+
Purchased – Custom B2B

Apple iOS v7.0+

Purchased – VPP
  • Apple iOS v7.0+
Web Links
  • Apple iOS v7.0+
  • Apple iOS v7.0+