Apple generates development certificates that expire within three years. However, the provisioning profiles for the applications made with the development certificates still expire in one year. This model can create issues in Workspace ONE UEM.

Issues exist for developers and device users.
  • Developers who build and deploy multiple versions of an application need a way to remove expired provisioning profiles that are associated with active applications.
  • Device users receive warnings concerning the status of an application 30 days before a provisioning profile expires.
However, if you can manage renewals, you can mitigate these issues. You can use the expiration dates Workspace ONE UEM displays to mitigate issues.
  • Workspace ONE UEM displays expiration notices in the console 60 days before the expiration date.
  • You can update provisioning profiles and apply them to all associated applications managed in Workspace ONE UEM.
  • If the provisioning profiles are not associated to other applications, you can remove them or replace older ones.