Enrolled Avery Dennison Printer Status

Avery Dennison printers that are enrolled with Workspace ONE UEM are listed in the printer management dashboard. There are a number of functions that can be performed from the dashboard.


The Printer management dashboard of the UEM console enables you to monitor and manage all enrolled Avery Dennison printers. The dashboard selections can be reviewed by navigating to Devices > Peripherals.

Selections Description
List View Contains a list of high-level information about your entire Avery Dennison printer deployment, including graphs depicting quantities of specific models and historic data on when printers were last seen, and a list of deployed printers, when it was last seen, its type and model, and the organization group in which it resides.

This is not applicable for Avery Dennison printers.

Printer Settings Provides links to printer-specific configuration dashboards where you can create and manage profiles, and upload files for deployment. You can also create and manage your Avery Dennison Print Server through the UEM console.

Device Details

You can view the data specific to printers by selecting the device’s Friendly Name from the List View. This launches the Device Details page for the printer. The Device Details page for Avery Dennison printer currently shows only General information about the printer such as the printer name, model, enrollment status, UDID and so on.

You can also perform administrative actions directly by selecting the More drop-down menu on the top-right of the Device Details page.

Actions Description
Device Query Returns the updated printer information available to the UEM console.
Delete Device Unenrolls the printer and removes the data from the UEM console.