VMware Workspace ONE UEM can distribute public, internal, and purchased (VPP) books to large numbers of iOS devices.

Device users can install books from their book catalog and display them either in the iBook application or Safari. The tool used to view the book depends on the type of book and whether it is managed. The system can display books acquired from the app store, internal organizational resources, or from Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP). For inforamation on VPP, see Integration with Apple Business Manager.

Requirements to Manage Books with Workspace ONE UEM

To publish books to devices, the environment must meet a few requirements for platform, operating system, and access.

The table gives the requirements to manage books with Workspace ONE UEM.

Table 1. Requirements for Books
Requirement Description

Workspace ONE UEM supports Apple iOS for book functionality.

Operating System

Devices can receive books from Workspace ONE UEM when they run a minimum iOS 5+.

Push Mode for All Books

Workspace ONE UEM pushes books to devices using the On Demand Push Mode. This feature allows device users to install books from the book catalog at their convenience.

Required App to Access Managed Internal Books

Devices that need access to managed internal books must have the iBooks application on them. Internal books for iOS 8+ that are managed open in the iBooks application and do not open in Safari.

Removal of Books Not Automatic

When a device unenrolls from the Workspace ONE UEM solution, Workspace ONE UEM does not remove Books from devices because books most books are not managed. Workspace ONE UEM can only remove internal books marked as Is Managed for iOS 8+.