Workspace ONE UEM can manage internal books for Apple iOS 8+ when you mark the book as Is Managed. These marked assets open in only the iBooks application and not in Safari. Manage options include install books, remove books, and notify devices about books.

Workspace ONE UEM cannot manage internal books on Apple iOS versions 7 and older. These books open in Safari.

Types of Internal Books Workspace ONE UEM Manages

Workspace ONE UEM supports management of internal books in several formats.

  • iBook
  • ePub
  • iBooks authored as PDFs

Access Management Options

Use the several views to access management actions for books in the Workspace ONE UEM console.

  • From the Manage Devices > View Devices page, you can view all the devices assigned to a particular book. Use this page to perform actions from the actions menu like install books and delete books.
  • From the Device Details page, you can view managed internal books and you can install and delete books. Workspace ONE UEM can only manage iBooks for Apple iOS 8+. Device Details is explained in the Workspace ONE UEM Mobile Device Management (MDM) guide.