Publish publicly available books to large numbers of mobile devices with the public books section of the Workspace ONE UEM console and the book catalog. Add public books you did not acquire in bulk through Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP) on the public books tab.


  1. Navigate to Resources > Books > List View > Public.
  2. Select Add Book and complete the settings.
    Setting Description
    Managed By View and edit the organization group that controls the book file.
    Platform Select Apple iOS from the menu.
    Source Select one of the following options.
    • Search App Store – Search the iTunes Store for the book.
    • Enter URL – Enter the URL of the book without getting data for the book from the iTunes Store.
    Name Enter the name of the book to search for in the iTunes Store.
    Enter URL Enter the address that navigates to the book.
  3. Click Next and Select the desired book from app store result page.
  4. View and complete the options on the Info tab.
    Setting Description
    Name Displays the name of the book. You can edit this value.
    URL Reflects the URL for the store uses to distribute the book.
    Managed By View the organization group from which the file uploads when the information automatically populates.
    Comments Enter text to appear in the Additional Comments tab in the book catalog.
    Reimbursable Designate whether your organization reimburses end-users for a purchased book. A small icon in the book catalog indicates if the organization reimburses users.
    Rating Select a rating from 1 to 5 with 5 being the best rating.
    Categories Identify the areas the book can help device-users.
    Supported Models Select all the models that you want to run this application.
  5. Assign the book to smart groups on the Assignment tab and complete the options.
    Setting Description
    Assigned Smart Groups Select an existing smart group or create one and assign the book to it.
    View Device Assignment Select this option to see devices assigned to the book.
  6. View the deployment of the book as On Demand on the Deployment tab.
  7. Select a Terms of Use for the book, if desired. Use the Manage Terms option to create an agreement if you have not already.
  8. Select Save & Publish to make the book available to end-users.