The List View is a central location to sort, filter, and search for data so you can deploy books. Each List View in Resources is slightly different and available functions vary, so the system does not display every option for every book type, internal, public, or purchased.

Table 1. Descriptions of List View Options
Setting Description
Add Book Upload your book to the Workspace ONE UEM console.
Add Order Upload your Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) spreadsheet bought using the redemption code method to the UEM console.
Sync Assets Use the Sync Assets option to sync your managed distribution content and licenses.

You cannot access the sync licenses option unless you are in an organization group with an sToken uploaded to it.

Search List Find books by name.
Toggle Filters Display or hide filters.
Refresh Refresh the items in the UI. Use refresh when you edit items and sync purchased books.
Export Export all items on all pages to a CSV file.
  • Platform– Use this option to view books by platform. Currently, Apple iOS is the only supported platform.
  • Status – Use this option to view books by status, Active and Inactive.
  • Categories – Use this option to locate public books specifically for a default or custom category. Find books tagged as Finance, Business, Social Networking, and many other options. This filter is useful for finding large groups of public books.
Actions Menu
  • Deactivate – Prevents devices from receiving the book. However, devices that already have the book, keep it.
  • Delete – Removes a book record from the UEM console.
  • Manage Devices – Offers options management functions for books.
  • Notify Devices – Send a notification to devices concerning the VPP book.
  • User Ratings – Shows the book rating and feedback.
  • View Events – Shows device and console events for books and allows you to export these events as a CSV file.