Learn about the various features supported by Boxer and understand how best these features meet your requirements.

  • ENS2 VIP Notifications - Workspace ONE Boxer when configured with ENS2 supports VIP notifications. User can create a list of VIP contacts using VIP notifications. Users can choose only to receive notifications from those contacts and set a custom notification sound for the list. Configuration of this VIP list can be found in Boxer Settings > your exchange account > VIP notifications.
  • Information Rights Management - Workspace ONE Boxer supports information rights management for both iOS and Android platforms.
  • VPP Application Deployment - You can deploy Workspace ONE Boxer for iOS through Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP) from the UEM console. This deployment allows end users to download the app without the need to enter Apple ID. For more information on how to deploy applications through VPP, see Purchased Applications (Apple VPP) Feature Overview section of the Mobile Application Management Guide.
  • Google G Suite Support - Workspace ONE Boxer supports G Suite for both iOS and Android. For more information about the limitations of Workspace ONE Boxer when used with G Suite, see Current VMware Boxer limitations when used with Google G Suite.

    Note: OAuth and third-party identity providers are not supported due to limitations of G Suite's Exchange ActiveSync implementation.

  • Apple Wallet Support- Workspace ONE Boxer for iOS has the ability to preview the .pkpass attachments that the user adds to the Apple Wallet.

  • Workspace ONE Boxer supports both IRM and Email Classification when composing a message.
  • Phishing Report - Workspace ONE Boxer supports the ability to select and report any emails as phishing. The reported email is forwarded to the email address specified in the KVP set in the console. After reporting, the original email reported as phishing is permanently deleted.
  • Spam Reporting- Workspace ONE Boxer supports the ability to report any emails as spam. When the user marks an email as spam, the marked email is forwarded to the KVP specified email address. An extra KVP can be used to delete the email upon forwarding.
  • Block Insecure Attachments (Android Only) - Workspace ONE Boxer for Android restricts opening and downloading insecure attachment types by default. The device user can allow downloading of an insecure attachment by navigating to Boxer > Settings > More mail settings and select Allow insecure attachments. Workspace ONE Boxer restricts the following file types:

    Restricted File Types
    Common File Formats
    Common Container Formats
  • Health Check of Boxer

    Workspace ONE Boxer displays and maintains a Health Check screen, describing the current health status of the Boxer under the following metrics. - App Version - Checks the current version of Boxer. - Green- Indicates the current version. - Yellow - Indicates that the version installed is the previous version. - Red - Indicates that the version installed is an outdated version. - Sync Health - Checks the network connection and Exchange server's response. - Green- Indicates that your network connection and Exchange server's response are within normal parameters. - Yellow - Indicates that the last 10 sync average response times are greater than 2 seconds. - Red - Indicates that the last 10 sync average response times are greater than 5 seconds. - Push Notification Health - Shows if you have the Email Notification Service (ENS2) set up by the admin or admin is having issues in subscribing to the ENS service. Users can update Boxer from the App Store or Play Store and can send logs to the admin by capturing the issue through email. This information is also logged in the Boxer logs for the admin to see more details.

  • QuickJoin for Online Meetings

    Workspace ONE Boxer allows you to quickly join online meetings such as Skype for Business, Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom with one tap from the calendar invitation. Boxer supports meeting links with words such as Lync, Skype, Zoom, or Webex.
    You can also configure Boxer to handle meeting links that are vanity URLs specific to a user’s environment. Vanity URLs do not contain the term Lync, Skype, Webex, or Zoom. To configure Boxer to detect vanity URLs, see the QuickJoin - Vanity URL Support section on the Application Configurations for Workspace ONE Boxer.

  • ICS File Support
    Workspace ONE Boxer supports viewing and adding ICS files to your calendar. This file contains event details such as title, date and time of the event, location, attendees, and user availability. Users can tap on the ICS attachment to add event to their Boxer calendar and preview the event's details. Boxer also supports ICS attachments with multiple events.
    Note: ICS file is a snapshot of a calendar invite. Users do not get any event updates unless they receive a new ICS file.

  • Boxer Siri Shortcuts on iOS Devices
    You can enable Siri Shortcuts for quicker access to the information you need. Workspace ONE Boxer provides the following Siri Shortcuts:

    • View upcoming Boxer meeting
    • View Boxer agenda for the day
    • Dial into your next Boxer meeting To enable Siri Shortcuts in Boxer, you can navigate to iOS Settings > Siri & Search > Boxer > Siri & Suggestions or Boxer Settings > Advanced > Siri Shortcuts and record their Siri suggestions.
      You can also combine Boxer with Apple's Shortcuts application to create more complex workflows.
  • Synchronize Draft Emails
    Workspace ONE Boxer supports synchronization of draft emails between Exchange and Boxer. Users can synchronize newly created draft emails and edit existing drafts. This synchronization requires Office 365, Exchange 2016 and later versions.

  • Dark Mode Support for iOS
    Boxer follows the iOS Dark Mode settings. When in Dark Mode, in the email detail screen, you can toggle an email's contents back into light mode with the sun or moon toggle.
    Dark Mode requires iOS 13 and higher version.

  • Dark Theme Support for Android

    On Android Boxer, you can view email's content in dark theme. When in dark theme, in the email detail screen, you can toggle an email's content back into light mode with the sun or moon toggle.
    How dark theme works in VMware Boxer depends on the Android version of your device.

    • You can always force Boxer to use the light or dark theme from the Select theme option in the Boxer settings.
    • Android 10: Boxer uses the settings for dark theme configured at the OS level.
    • Android 9 (Pie): Boxer follows the system Battery Saver settings to determine if the dark theme is used.
      Note: For dark theme on Samsung devices running Android Pie, Boxer always follows the Battery Saver toggle and not the system's Night mode toggle.
    • Android 8 (Oreo) and earlier versions: When Battery Saver is on, Boxer uses the dark theme. If your device does not have Battery Saver, you can toggle the Dark theme in Boxer Settings.

Interoperability Features of Workspace ONE Boxer

Workspace ONE Boxer supports interoperability with different applications.

Workspace ONE Boxer URL Schemes for iOS

Workspace ONE Boxer app extends the support for inter-app integration using URL schemes. Workspace ONE UEM provides you with a set of URLs that can be used to access different Workspace ONE Boxer menus and options from supported third-party applications. The URL schemes can be used with any application that supports URL formats, for example, browsers, email applications, and notes. You can save the URLs and open them to directly access a specific Workspace ONE Boxer menu or option. For example, use boxer://calendar URL scheme to openWorkspace ONE Boxer calendar directly from any supported app.

Supported URL Schemes

URL Scheme Description
boxer://messages Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub v5.2 and higher.
boxer://calendar Opens calendar.
boxer://calendar/ Opens calendar for a specific date or time.
boxer://calendar/create Creates a calendar event.
boxer://calendar/nextEvent Opens the first upcoming event in the calendar.
boxer://contacts Opens contacts.
boxer://contacts/create Creates a contact.
boxer://settings Opens Boxer settings.
Additional URL Scheme
Sending Base64 Encoded strings to Boxer as an attachment. For a sample app on how to encode attachments, contact the Boxer team.
Pre-composed Email
Opens a pre-composed email for single or multiple recipients with a subject and an email body. You can edit and save the URL to create multiple quick templates for frequent email interactions.

Using Escrow Gateway to Retrieve S/MIME Certificates

Workspace ONE Boxer supports Credential Escrow Gateway (CEG) for distributing S/MIME certificates to the managed iOS and Android devices. Using CEG eliminates the need to upload certificates to the Workspace ONE UEM server. As an admin, you can deploy S/MIME certificates to Escrow Gateway through the Workspace ONE UEM console version 2007 and later. Workspace ONE Boxer can retrieve these certificates from Escrow Gateway by providing end-to-end public-key encryption. For more information about this feature, see Uploading Certificates for Credential Escrow Gateway.

Clear Cached Contacts

Workspace ONE Boxer gives you the ability to clear your contacts cache. Cached contacts appear when composing an email or searching for contacts. This feature is useful when your contacts have changed their email address and you do not want to see any suggestions about their old email address when searching. To clear the cached data of your contacts, navigate to Boxer Settings > Advanced > Clear Contact Cache. Removing cached contacts in Boxer does not delete emails, contacts, or any other useful information.

Access the User Guide Documentation

Workspace ONE Boxer for Android provides a link to the User Guide documentation to help your users learn more about the app and become self-reliant. To access this link, you must navigate to Settings > Other > User Guide. When you access the link, the documentation opens in Workspace ONE Web or any other browser that you have set as default. By pressing the browser's back button, you can navigate back to Boxer.

New Email Compose View for iOS

Workspace ONE Boxer introduces a new email compose view for all the iOS device users. By default, this feature is enabled on Boxer 5.14. The new email composing view includes the following features:

  • Move recipients between the To, Cc, and Bcc boxes.
  • Automatically perform spell check on the email body.
  • Highlights the external recipients in orange with an external recipients icon.
  • Automatically collapses the To, Cc, and Bcc boxes to give you more space to write your email.

Mark an Email as High Importance

You can let your email recipients know the email you sent needs urgent attention by marking the email as high importance. While composing, forwarding, or replying to an email from Boxer, you can set the email as high importance by tapping the icon on the Subject box. Your recipients can view the high importance indicator in the email list view and the email's detailed view.

Note: For iOS and Android Boxer, the mail importance feature is supported with Exchange server On-Premise or Office 365.

Use Advanced Search Filters to Find Your Emails

Workspace ONE Boxer for iOS introduces advanced search criteria that help you quickly find the email messages you are looking for. When searching for an email, you can tap a filter above the keyboard or tap All Filters to apply the following filters.

  • Keyword
  • From
  • To
  • Subject
  • Has attachment
  • Flagged
  • Unread
  • Time

Boxer searches your mailbox based on your selected filter. For example, if you want to display all emails that have attachments, you can select Has attachment. To clear all the selected filters, tap Clear all.

Categorize your Events

Multiple events can be scheduled in the calendar and tracking numerous such events can be a challenge. You can categorize the calendar events by assigning colors using the color categories available on your Outlook desktop application. These color categories help you easily identify and organize your events. iOS Boxer displays the events with their assigned colors in the Agenda, Day, Week, and Month views.

Note: You must enable EWS for the event color categorization to sync with Boxer.

End Events Early

You can configure Workspace ONE Boxer to end your appointments and meetings a few minutes early. This feature brings a focused and effective meeting culture to your organization. It helps to reduce fatigue that can come from back to back online meetings and build in travel time between meetings by ending your meetings 5 minutes early that are less than an hour and 10 minutes early for one hour or longer meetings. You can also configure a different end early duration for meetings under one hour and meetings over one hour or longer from the options in Boxer Settings > More (under Calendar) > Less than one hour or One hour or longer.

When creating or editing events, if the End event early option is enabled by default, the setting applies to the default meeting duration and shortens the duration of the event. The Auto end events early option, found in Boxer Settings > More (under Calendar), takes the default event length and applies the settings to it while creating a calendar event.

Handling Multiple Authentication Certificates

Workspace ONE Boxer for iOS introduces a new screen to handle multiple authentication certificates for an Exchange account. With this new screen, users can view the list of available certificates and select any one authentication certificate. For example, users using the VMware PIV-D Manager application can use this screen to view and select any of the derived credential certificates.

Note: Workspace ONE Boxer does not synchronize the following contact information due to limitation of the Exchange ActiveSync protocol:

  • Assistant
  • Callback
  • Car
  • ISDN
  • Other Fax
  • Primary
  • Other
  • Radio
  • Telex

Sideload S/MIME Certificates from Workspace ONE Web to Workspace ONE Boxer

You can install S/MIME certificates (used for signing, encrypting or both) from Workspace ONE Web to Workspace ONE Boxer. This feature allows you to import S/MIME certificates from an internal web portal without uploading the certificates to the Workspace ONE Console.


Before installing S/MIME certificate, you must meet the following pre-requisites:

  • Create and assign a custom SDK profile to Workspace ONE Web and enable the following configuration key:

    Configuration Key Configuration Value Description
    EnableCertificateShare True, False Set this key to true to enable the ability to sideload certificates from Workspace ONE Web application to Workspace ONE Boxer.
  • Enable S/MIME by adding the PolicySMIME key to the application configuration for Boxer. For information on configuring S/MIME, see Assign and Configure Workspace ONE Boxer Using the App Assignment Page.

  • This feature requires Workspace ONE Web 7.11 and later versions.

To install the S/MIME certificate in Boxer, perform the following actions in both Web and Boxer:

  1. In Workspace ONE Web:

    a. Download the S/MIME certificate from a web portal in Workspace ONE Web.

    b. Open the Downloads section to view the list of downloaded files.

    c. Tap the S/MIME certificate. On iOS, you can open the certificate in Boxer through the Copy to Boxer option in the share sheet and for Android, open the certificate through the Open with option in the share screen.

  2. In Workspace ONE Boxer:

    a.Enter the password for the S/MIME certificate and review the certificate details.

    b.Tap Install to install the S/MIME certificate.
    The S/MIME certificate is now installed and ready for use.

Check-In/Check-Out Support for Shared Android Devices

Workspace ONE Boxer supports Check-In/Check-Out (CICO) for shared Android devices. The Check-In/Check-Out feature allows you to share a device among multiple users. A user can check out a device for use and can check in the device after use. Boxer streamlines the initial sign-in process for CICO users.

To enable the CICO feature, you must deploy the Workspace ONE Launcher application on the Android devices through the Workspace ONE UEM Console. For more information about this feature, see Workspace ONE Launcher admin guide.

For other options to enhance the CICO experience, consider the following adjustments to your application configuration for Boxer:

  • Skipping the Data Privacy screen: For information on skipping the Data Privacy screen, see the Configuring Privacy Settings for Workspace ONE Boxer section.
  • Skipping the in-app tutorials: If you want users to skip the in-app tutorials every time they open Boxer, you can disable the AppShowFirstTimeTutorials key in the application configuration of Boxer. For information on this key, see the Application Configurations for Workspace ONE Boxer section.
  • Skipping the Battery Optimization screen: To skip the Battery Optimization screen, disable the AppShowOptOutBatteryOptimizationScreen key. For information on this key, see the Application Configurations for Workspace ONE Boxer section.
    Note: You should only skip the Battery Optimization screen when you have another way of adding Boxer to the battery optimization allowlist. If you do not add Boxer to the allowlist, syncing and notifications may be delayed.

Create Online Meetings for Microsoft Teams

Team collaborations always enhance work effectiveness and productivity. To achieve effective collaboration, Boxer now extends the meeting feature to support Microsoft Teams online meeting invites.

To use this feature, you must meet the following requirements: - Use Office 365 as the email server - Enable Exchange Web Services (EWS) - If you use the Secure Email Gateway (SEG), you must enable EWS. - In Azure, administrators must allow access to the Teams app and provide consent on behalf of users in the tenant. If you do not do so, each user must manually consent for the first time when a creating a Teams meeting. This is only for regular meetings that include audio, video and screen sharing for up to 250 people. We do not currently support Teams live events. - Enable the configuration key, EnableTeamsOnlineMeetings. For more information about enabling the configuration key, see Enable Microsoft Teams Meetings.

Once the configuration key is enabled, you can see the toggle button to add Teams Meeting in the New Event screen when creating a new calendar event or editing an existing event.

Note: You can add details only about the regular meetings that include audio, video, and screen sharing for up to 250 people, not Teams live events.

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