Add Workspace ONE Boxer as a public application to the UEM console.

Adding applications through an app store enables Workspace ONE UEM to manage applications by your settings in the console.


  1. Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > Native > Public > List View.
  2. Select Add Application.
  3. Configure the text boxes that display and select Next.
    Option Description
    Managed By View the organization group where the application is uploaded.
    Platform Choose the appropriate platform. Only iOS and Android devices are supported currently.
    Source Select to search for the application in the app store or play store.
    Name Enter "Workspace ONE Boxer".
  4. Locate and select the Workspace ONE Boxer app in the Search results screen.
  5. Review the information that automatically populates in the Details tab.
  6. Under the Deployment tab, choose the app delivery mode either as On-Demand or Automatic.
    • On Demand – Deploys application to the app catalog and lets the user to decide whether and when to install it.This option is the best choice for content that is not critical to the organization. Allowing users to download the content when they want helps conserve bandwidth and limits unnecessary traffic.
    • Automatic – Deploys application to a device upon enrollment. If the device is enrolled, this option immediately prompts users to install the content on their devices. This option is the best choice for content that is critical to your organization and for mobile users.
    • Under Policies settings, determine how your end users receive the app.
    Option Description
    Device must be MDM Managed to install this App Enable this option if a device must be managed to install the Workspace ONE Boxer app.
    • If you enable this option, only the devices enrolled using Hub and Workspace ONE step up enrollment method receive the email configurations.
    • If you disable this option, the devices enrolled using Container, Workspace ONE without step up enrollment, Workspace ONE with step up enrollment, and the Hub receive the email configurations.
    App Tunneling (Apple iOS 7+) This setting is not applicable to Workspace ONE Boxer.
    Remove On Unenroll (Apple iOS) Select this option to remove the Workspace ONE Boxer application when the device unenrolls from AirWatch.
    Prevent Application Backup (Apple iOS) This setting does not apply to Workspace ONE Boxer, because the application is configured such that it prevents application backup.
    Make App MDM Managed if User Installed (Apple iOS 9+) Enable this setting if your end users download Workspace ONE Boxer from the store and you want to use the Remove on Unenroll setting. Otherwise, Workspace ONE Boxer does not have to be MDM managed.
    Application Uses AirWatch SDK Enable this setting to use the AirWatch SDK for additional functionality. If you are using Single Sign-On, you must enable this option.
  7. Assign Terms of Use, which displays when users first access the application from the App Catalog.
  8. Select Save and Assign.

What to do next

You can add an assignment now or you can come back and add assignments later.

  • Add assignments now - Select Add Assignment and follow the steps outlined in VMware Workspace ONE Boxer Email Settings.
  • Add assignments later - Select View Device Assignment. The console prompts for confirmation that you are not assigning the application. Workspace ONE Boxer displays in the List View and you can edit it later to assign it to devices as outlined in Workspace ONE BoxerEmail Settings.