You can install S/MIME certificates (used for signing, encrypting or both) from Workspace ONE Web to Workspace ONE Boxer. This feature allows you to import S/MIME certificates from an internal web portal without uploading the certificates to the Workspace ONE Console.


Before installing S/MIME certificate, you must meet the following pre-requisites:
  • Create and assign a custom SDK profile to Workspace ONE Web and enable the following configuration key:
    Configuration Key Configuration Value Description



    Set this key to true to enable the ability to sideload certificates from Workspace ONE Web application to Workspace ONE Boxer.
  • Enable S/MIME by adding the PolicySMIME key to the application configuration for Boxer. For information on configuring S/MIME, see Assign and Configure Workspace ONE Boxer Using the App Assignment Page.
  • This feature requires Workspace ONE Web 7.11 and later versions.

To install the S/MIME certificate in Boxer, perform the following actions in both Web and Boxer:


  1. In Workspace ONE Web:
    1. Download the S/MIME certificate from a web portal in Workspace ONE Web.
    2. Open the Downloads section to view the list of downloaded files.
    3. Tap the S/MIME certificate. On iOS, you can open the certificate in Boxer through the Copy to Boxer option in the share sheet and for Android, open the certificate through the Open with option in the share screen.
  2. In Workspace ONE Boxer:
    1. Enter the password for the S/MIME certificate and review the certificate details.
    2. Tap Install to install the S/MIME certificate.


The S/MIME certificate is now installed and ready for use.