Workspace ONE Boxer supports interoperability with different applications.

Workspace ONE Boxer URL Schemes for iOS

Workspace ONE Boxer app extends the support for inter-app integration using URL schemes. Workspace ONE UEM provides you with a set of URLs that can be used to access different Workspace ONE Boxer menus and options from supported third-party applications. The URL schemes can be used with any application that supports URL formats, for example, browsers, email applications, and notes. You can save the URLs and open them to directly access a specific Workspace ONE Boxer menu or option. For example, use boxer://calendar URL scheme to openWorkspace ONE Boxer calendar directly from any supported app.

Table 1. Supported URL Schemes
URL Scheme Description
boxer://messages Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub v5.2 and higher.
boxer://calendar Opens calendar.
boxer://calendar/<unix timestamp> Opens calendar for a specific date or time.
boxer://calendar/create Creates a calendar event.
boxer://calendar/nextEvent Opens the first upcoming event in the calendar.
boxer://contacts Opens contacts.
boxer://contacts/create Creates a contact.
boxer://settings Opens Boxer settings.
Additional URL Scheme

Sending Base64 Encoded strings to Boxer as an attachment. For a sample app on how to encode attachments, contact the Boxer team .

Pre-composed Email



Opens a pre-composed email for single or multiple recipients with a subject and an email body. You can edit and save the URL to create multiple quick templates for frequent email interactions.

Note: Workspace ONE Boxer supports the SDK custom format for mailto.