Add and configure multiple managed accounts to your Workspace ONE Boxer.

A user can have multiple email accounts in different domains based on their business requirements. For example, an employee has email accounts in the parent company and in a subsidiary. These accounts can have different policies and restrictions that are compatible to their respective organizations. Workspace ONE Boxer provides you the ability to manage three email accounts with different settings.

Requirements for MMA

  • You can only use this feature in Boxer version 5.21 or later.
  • You must use Workspace ONE UEM console 2008 or later versions to deploy Boxer.
  • You must enable and configure Single Sign-On (SSO) on your SDK profile and also in the Boxer App Policies. After you enable SSO, you cannot disable it without reinstalling Workspace ONE Boxer. To know how to set up SSO for the SDK profile see, Enforcing Application-Level Single Sign On Passcodes.
MMA supports the following functionalities of Workspace ONE Boxer:
  • Full account functionality for all email, calendar, and contacts functions.
  • SMIME, Email Classifications, AIP, CBA and DCBA, Spam and Phishing reporting.
  • Notifications for the secondary account when ENS2 is set up and configured.
  • Account email settings such as signature and sync period.
  • Health Checks of iOS Boxer shows the combined status of all accounts. In Android, Health checks are only supported for the main account.

General Information

  • You can add up to 3 managed email accounts. The first account is the primary account.
  • Derived Credentials supports only the primary account. Boxer does not support Derived Credentials as a source of certificates for the secondary and tertiary accounts.
  • Make sure to add and configure the custom KVP PolicyDerivedCredentials to use PIV-D with the Boxer version older than 5.21.
  • You cannot add multiple managed accounts, when you have enabled an MMA feature flag (FF) on Boxer and console without modifying the assignment. As an admin, you must update and resave the assignment rules to add another account to the Workspace ONE UEM console.
  • If you have selected the Escrow Gateway in the Workspace ONE UEM for S/MIME certificates and you have also added the PolicyDerivedCredentialsSMIME key to the custom app configuration section with a value of 1 or 2, then after migration SMIME Certificate source shows Derived Credentials.
  • You cannot configure Mobile flows for multiple accounts in Boxer.
  • Two CBA accounts belonging to the same domain cannot have the same template or different templates which generate certificates with the same UPN details.
  • If you use the same S/MIME certificate for multiple accounts, those accounts must have the same revocation check policies.
  • In iOS Boxer :
    • MMA support is not available for the stand-alone enrollment.
    • If there are conflicts for the account-specific KVPs PolicySMIMETrustStore and PolicySMIMERevocationCheckUrl, Boxer uses the main account's value.