Configure the custom SDK profiles every time customers deploy their own Certificate Authority (CA) and use the Workspace ONE Boxer with Certificate-Based Authentication.


  1. Configure the custom SDK Profiles.
    1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Apps > Settings and Policies > Profiles select Add Profiles.
    2. Select SDK Profile.
    3. Select the platform.
    4. Configure the General Settings.
    5. Configure the Credentials.
    6. Select a Certificate Authority.
    7. Save the profile.
  2. Assign Workspace ONE Boxer with Certificate Based Authentication.
    1. Navigate to Apps & Books > Public.
    2. On the List View page, select iOS Workspace ONE Boxer from the list of public apps.
    3. Select Edit.
    4. Navigate to the SDK tab.
    5. Select the custom SDK profile.
    6. Select Save and Assign.