This topic covers the most common questions asked by customers and administrators about the AIP feature in Workspace ONE Boxer.

Q: Where I can create and manage labels?

You can create labels in the following:
  • Azure AIP - Currently, the Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) SDK only supports labels that are configured in Azure. The Azure AIP gets deprecated by April 2021. After depreciation, MIP SDK can start fetching labels from the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center.
  • Office 365 Security and Compliance Center - From April 2021 onwards, Office 365 Security and Compliance Center can only create and manage labels. To avoid issues, customers must move the labels from Azure to Office 365 soon.

Q: What versions of Exchange I can use for the AIP feature?

You can only use Office 365 for the AIP feature.

Q: AIP supports what mode of authentication?

AIP feature only supports Modern authentication.

Q: What mode of encryption is supported in AIP?

AIP only supports encryption with Azure Cloud key. You can provide additional encryption on the server.

Q: What is the minimum supported Boxer version for the AIP feature?

5.19 for iOS and Android Boxer.

Q: What is the minimum supported OS version for AIP?

AIP supports all the versions of iOS and version 7.0 for Android.

Q: Why I cannot see the labels?

The following are some possible reasons for which you cannot view the labels:
  • Labels are not configured in Azure and the list is empty.
  • You have not authenticated in Azure.
  • You did not provide the consent in the Microsoft account to use the AIP Sensitivity labels application from VMware.
  • Your admin has not enabled the key PolicySensitivityLabelsEmailClassification.

Q: Why I cannot access emails?

The following are some possible reasons for which you cannot access the emails:
  • You are not part of the allowed user group or organization in the User Permissions settings of the label.
  • You do not have the permission to view the content.
  • Your access time has expired.
    Note: Content access is managed in File Content Expiration settings of the label. Proper error messages and action items can be displayed in Boxer if they are configured in the settings in Azure.

Q: Why I cannot change a label?

Because you do not have permission to change the label.