You must configure Workspace ONE Boxer to access the Purebred Registration application and grant access to each certificate that is installed on the device using Purebred. The Purebred Registration application installs the derived credential certificates directly in the device trust store.


Ensure that your device is registered with the Purebred Registration application and all the certificates are installed on your device.


  1. When you launch the Boxer application, Tap Ok to allow Boxer to access the Purebred Registration application to fetch all the certificate-related data. You can view the list of certificates that Boxer requires upon tapping.
  2. For each certificate, tap Grant Access. You must grant access to all the listed certificates.After you grant access to all the listed certificates, an Android driven dialogue box pops up with the pre-selected certificate. If you do not see any pre-selected certificate, it means that either of the following things has happened:
    1. Certificates are missing from the trust store of your Android device.
    2. Inconsistent certificate names.
    3. The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) has truncated the alias of the certificate. This scenario is common in Samsung devices, where the device truncates the certificate alias length to 50 characters and save it in the device trust store.
    4. If Knox Container is enabled and certificates are installed into the container, then Knox appends Knox to the name of the certificate.
  3. To view the certificate details, Tap View certificate.
  4. To select the certificate you want to use for authentication, tap Next. If your admin has configured Boxer to use Purebred for S/MIME, you only have to grant access to the certificates, and after all the certificates have been granted, the screen closes automatically.
  5. On the Authentication Certificate Picker screen, you can use select another certificate to authenticate your account if you do not want to use the pre-selected certificate.
  6. To continue with the rest of the Boxer's onboard process, tap Next.
    • If you have picked an incorrect certificate, you can return to the authentication certificate picker screen and adjust it to the correct one by using error handling process. But If your Boxer is configured for modern authentication, you can tap Back and select the right certificate.
    • Android can revoke access to certificates. This revocation might occur due to the following reasons:
      • The certificates are missing from the device trust store.
      • You have reinstalled the deleted certificate.
      • Android revokes permission.

      Boxer notifies you when it is unable to access the certificate in the device trust store. You can give Boxer access to the certificate by tapping the notification.