Workspace ONE Boxer provides features and functionalities to help you organize your inbox and manage your files to boost your efficiency.

Mail View

The very first view of the app immediately after you configure your email account is the Inbox mail view. From this screen, you can perform various actions on emails and navigate to Calendar, File, Contacts, and the Settings screen.

At the top banner of the Inbox mail view screen, you have the Menu ( ), Search ( ), and the Overflow ( ) icons that allow you to perform the following actions:
  • Menu - Access the slide-out navigation pane to view the Workspace ONE Boxer folders and the configured email accounts.
  • Search - Search and filter emails by From, To, Subject, or ALL categories.
  • Overflow - Refresh the Inbox folders, select all the emails, and access the app's settings.

To manually sync the app with the server and to refresh folders, pull down the screen from the top banner. Use the Compose () icon to create new email messages instantly from the main screen.

The bottom banner shows the Calendar, Files, Contacts, and the Settings icons. Access the Calendar and Contacts to view, create, and edit the details, Files to view and edit the the downloaded email attachements, and Settings to configure and modify the app's settings.

Customize Swipe Actions

Using the swipe actions available on Boxer, you can quickly take action on your emails and manage your inbox. The default swipe actions set on Boxer are listed:
  • Right short swipe - Shows the Action Grid from which you can select an action to perform on the email.
  • Right long swipe - Shows the Move action using which you can move an email to a different folder.
  • Left short swipe - Shows the Archive action to archive an email.
  • Left long swipe - Shows the Delete action to delete an email.

You can customize the default swipe actions to suit your needs.

To customise the swipe actions:
  1. Tap Settings.
  2. From the Mail section, select Swipe actions.
  3. Select the preferred actions for the short and long swipes.

You can restore the default swipe actions by using the Reset swipes to defaults option.

Perform Actions using the Action Grid

The Action Grid () is available at the bottom banner of the Inbox view when you select single or multiple email(s), or when you swipe along the email or at the top banner within the email screen.

While the Action Grid is tap opened, you can hold on any action and move its position within the grid.
Note: If Archive and Spam are disabled by the administrator, the respective options are not displayed.

Listed are the various actions availabe in the Action Grid using which you can take actions on your emails.

Available Grid Actions Definition
Send a canned response to someone just by a single tap. Use this option to reply to a message without having to open the email. Tap on the kind of response you want to send, and the response is sent immediately. You can modify the existing response or create a new response.
Archive the selected email message. To archive message and to set it as read, access the app Settings icon, and tap More in the Mail section. Turn On the Archive as read option.
Delete the selected email.
Move the selected email to the spam folder.
Mark the email as Star or Flag to indicate importance.
Mark the email as read or unread.
Report the email as suspicious.

Perform Bulk Actions using the Action Grid

You can perform bulk actions on multiple emails using the action grid. To select multiple emails, either long press the emails or tap on the circular avatars next to the emails. After selecting the emails, tap on SELECT at the top banner of the Inbox mail view screen to view the bulk select options.

The bulk select options are:
  • Select all from sender - This option selects all the emails from the particular sender.
  • Select all - This option selects all the mails in the Inbox.
  • Select none - Deselects all the selected emails.

App Shortcut Actions

You can create app action shortcuts on the home screen.

Tap hold the Workspace ONE Boxer application on the home screen either to create app action shortcuts on the home screen or to directly launch the app actions. App Shortcut actions are supported only on devices using Android OS v7.1 or later.

Tap hold the Workspace ONE Boxer application to pop up the Quick Actions menu listing out the supported app shortcut actions:
  • Compose – Either create a shortcut for the Compose Email page on the device home screen or directly access it from the Quick Actions menu.
  • Create New Event – Either create a shortcut for the Create New Event page on the device home screen or directly access it from the Quick Actions menu.
  • View Calendar – Either create a shortcut for the Calendar page on the device home screen or directly access it from the Quick Actions menu.