To access the Workspace ONE Boxer Settings screen, tap the Settings icon at the bottom of the Inbox screen.

Monitor Boxer with Health Checks

The Health Check screen displays your Boxer's health status. You can determine the health status by the following metrics:
  • App Version - Checks the current version of the Boxer application.
    • Green - Indicates the latest version.
    • Yellow - Indicates that the app is using the previous version.
    • Red - Indicates that the app is using a very old version.
  • Sync Health - Checks the network connection and the Exchange server response.
    • Green- Indicates that your network connection and the exchange server response are in good health.
    • Yellow - Indicates that the last ten sync average response time is greater than 2 seconds.
    • Red - Indicates that the last ten sync average response time is greater than 5 seconds.
  • Push Notification Health - Indicates that your admin has enabled the push notification.

View Privacy and Data Sharing

You can view the Privacy and Data Sharing screen when you log in to Workspace ONE Boxer. The Privacy screen displays the following information.
  • Data collected by the app – Provides a summary of data collected and processed by the application. Some of this data is visible to the administrators of Workspace ONE UEM console.
  • Device Permissions – Provides a summary of requested device permissions for the app to enable the product features and functionality, such as push notifications to the device.
  • Company's Privacy Policy – By default, a message is displayed to get more information about your company. When configured by your administrator, you can access your employer’s privacy policy information by tapping your Company’s Privacy Policy.

Use the Data Sharing notice to track the usage analytics of Workspace ONE Boxer. These data help VMware improve product functionality and develop new product features. If you deactivate this option, you cannot view the data sharing notice, and no data is collected from the device to optimize the experience of the app. To activate or deactivate this option, navigate to Settings > Privacy > Data Sharing.

Manage Multiple Mailboxes

Workspace ONE Boxer merges common mail folders found in all email accounts into a single combined mailbox. The default combined mailboxes are Inbox, Flagged, and Unread. To view the mailboxes, you can access the slide-out navigation pane.

To customize your mailboxes:
  1. Select Edit.
  2. Tap Add Custom Box and select the required folder from any email account.
  3. To sync the selected folders, tap Background sync.
  4. Tap Done.
Note: Archive and Spam folders are created in the mailbox only after the application's first-time use of the respective features.

Mark External Addresses

Workspace ONE Boxer highlights any email addresses that are outside the specified domain when composing or responding to emails or creating a calendar event.

This feature helps in scenarios where you intend to send an email to "" but you accidentally type or autofill an alternate domain. For example, you enter a domain “” which is not your specified domain, then the example "" is highlighted to alert you that you are sending emails outside the specific domain list.

If your IT administrator configures the setting, then the setting is considered as a global corporate setting that cannot be modified by any individual users. If your admin has not enforced any configurations, you can customize the external address setting.

To add any specific domains.
  1. Navigate to Boxer Settings > Mail > More > External Addresses toggle on the Mark External Addresses.
  2. Enter one or more specified domains in DO NOT MARK.

Clear Avatar Cache

Avatars are photos added to your contact exchange. If you cannot see the updated contact photos, clear the Avatar Cache by tapping Clear Avatar Cache.

Clear Contacts Cache

Cached contacts appear when composing an email or searching for contacts. You can clear the cached contacts to avoid seeing any suggestions about your contacts' old email addresses that are no longer in use. To clear the cached data of your contacts, navigate to Boxer Settings > Advanced > Clear Contacts Cache. Removing cached contacts in Boxer does not delete emails, contacts, or any other useful information.

Send Feedback

Share your suggestions with us for better assistance by navigating to Settings > Send feedback.

Low Network Detection

As a mobile user, you often experience poor network or network unavailability issues when you are in remote areas, on an airplane Wi-Fi, or any congested network. These connectivity issues can cause slow or failed content downloads. Workspace ONE Boxer notifies you about such low network conditions so that you can either move to a new network with better connectivity or wait until your current network connectivity improves. You can also check for network issues that are outside of Boxer’s control.

Boxer informs you with the help of a banner on the Inbox screen when:
  • Your device goes offline.
  • Boxer experiences slow network connectivity.
  • Boxer fails to reach the Exchange Server for an account, despite having a secure internet connection.

If you do not want to see such a notification, you can deactivate the Low Network Detection option by navigating to Boxer Settings > Advanced > Enable features > Low Network Detection.


Choose an account and perform the following:

  • Signatures– Create unique email signatures for each account. The default signature is changed to ‘Sent from Workspace ONE Boxer’.
  • Quick responses – Edit or add quick response templates that you frequently insert when composing email.
  • Sync email/Sync calendar/Sync contacts – Activate or deactivate sync options based on your requirement.
  • Notification Settings – Set up unique sound or ringtone for mail notifications and set the LED notification color.
  • Account Color – Change account color in the color strip to the right of each email. Accounts having unique colors help distinguish what account an email belongs to when viewed in Combined Mail boxes.
  • S/MIME – Activate or deactivate S/MIME support. Install the Sign and Encrypt certificates provided by your administrator to use email signing and encryption features. If enabled by your administrator, you can view old emails that uses expired S/MIME encryption certificates. The expired S/MIME encryption certificates can be viewed under S/MIME > Encrypt.
  • Mail synced for – Select a frequency by which you want your emails synced with the server. Unmanaged device users can now use the Sync All option to sync emails that are older than 30 days.
  • Calendar synced for - Select a frequency by which you want your calendar synced with the server. Unmanaged device users can now use the Sync All option to sync calendar events that are older than six months.


  • Swipe actions – Customize the default Swipe actions.
  • More mail settings
    • Show Compose Toolbar – You can activate or deactivate compose toolbar based on your preferences.
    • Conversation Threading – You can toggle between conversation mode on and off to see the email chains in the order you prefer. The default mode can be configured by your administrator.
  • Show Avatars – You can activate or deactivate avatars on the email list view. The default mode is configured by your administrator.
  • More Mail Settings > External Addresses
    • Mark external addresses – When enabled, Workspace ONE Boxer highlights the external addresses in emails and calendar events in red with a red dot. If configured by your administrator, the setting is activated by default and cannot be deactivated from Workspace ONE Boxer.
    • Do Not Mark (Required) – Enter the external email addresses that you do not want to be highlighted (in red with a red dot) by Workspace ONE Boxer. When enabled by your administrator, the Do Not Mark list is configured by your administrator and the list cannot be edited.
    • Confirm before sending – When enabled, Workspace ONE Boxer displays a warning when you send emails and invites to recipients with external email addresses. When configured by your administrator, you cannot deactivate the warning displayed by Workspace ONE Boxer.