Perform the basic email functions such as send and receive emails using the features available in Workspace ONE Boxer.

Compose Emails

Begin writing an email to someone using the Compose icon () at the bottom-right corner of your Inbox mail view screen. You can tap the icons at the bottom banner of the compose screen to perform actions or access additional functionality. If configured by your administrator, Boxer displays a warning when adding recipients from external domains, select ‘Proceed’ to send the email or select ‘Cancel’ to return to the Compose menu. Workspace ONE Boxer displays a Warning message when sending emails and meeting invites to invalid email addresses. Select ‘Send’ to continue the action or ‘Cancel’ to return to the Compose menu.

Press and hold the content to cut, copy, paste, or replace the selected term or the content.

Icons Definitions
Move back to the Inbox folder view.
Send an email.
Tap to discard the message or to save it as a draft in the Draft folder to send later or to access app settings.
Tap and choose the IRM policies that you want to enforce on email while sending.
Tap to:
  • Send Availability – Send your availability including date and time. From the calendar view, select the date and time when you are available. Upon selection, a box listing the selected date and time is inserted into the email body.
  • Create Invite – Workspace ONE Boxer displays the Calendar event create screen. The complete calendar event functionality is supported. The email subject, recipients, attachments, and email body are displayed as the calendar event name, invitees, attachments, and notes. Once the recipients are added, send the invitation to all the recipients. Once the invite is sent, Workspace ONE Boxer displays Email List view. When an event is created or edited, Workspace ONE Boxer displays the availability status of your recipients. For more information, see Free/Busy Lookup. The event gets added to your calendar.
Tap to insert quick responses into the message body while composing emails. Navigate to Settings > Mail > Quick Templates to edit or add new quick responses.
Attach photos, documents, audios, and videos from your device or from Cloud Drives. The default behavior ofWorkspace ONE Boxer is to send attachments of any size. If the attachment is too large, then the ‘Unable to send one or more message. An attachment is too large to be processed’ error displays and the email is saved in your Outbox. If restricted by your administrator, you cannot attach files from photo gallery and third-party sources.
If S/MIME is enabled and the certificates are installed on your device, tap to sign the emails sent from the device.
If S/MIME is enabled and the certificates are installed on your device, tap to encrypt emails sent from the device.
Enable email classification using security levels. For example, the following classifications can be configured in the increasing order of security:
  • Confidential
  • Protected
  • Restricted
  • Secret
When enabled, the email subject, header, and footer have the selected classification tag. Email classification can be done only in the increasing order of security. For example, an email sent with ‘Secret’ classification (highest) cannot be replied with a classification lower than ‘Secret’.

Mark an Email as High Importance

You can let your email recipients know the email you sent needs urgent attention by marking the email as high importance.

While composing, forwarding, or replying to an email from Boxer, you can set the email as high importance by tapping the icon on the Subject box. Your recipients can view the high importance indicator in the email list view and the email's detailed view.

View Emails

When you receive an email, you can read it and perform several actions on that email. You can reply, forward, delete, archive, or shift the email message to a different folder. You can also tap hold an email message on the Inbox list view to see a preview and then press longer to open the email message.

Listed are the available icons using which you can perform actions on your email.

Icon Definitions
Move back to the Inbox folder view.
Delete* email from the Inbox.
Move the unimportant emails to Archive* folder.
Move the email to your selected folder.
Use the Action Grid to perform other actions on an email.
Flag the email to find it quickly in the email list or to display under the Flagged folder.
Reply to the sender, replay to all senders, forward an email, flag an email, mark an email as unread, delete an email.
Indicates that the email is Information Rights Management (IRM)-enabled. Tap to view the IRM security policies or restrictions along with other details of restrictions applied on the email.
Tap the icon to download attachments from the email. View all the downloaded attachments from the Files () tab. All attachments opened withinWorkspace ONE Boxer are read-only.
View emails larger than 200KB.

View IRM-enabled Emails

You can view and send IRM-enabled emails only if your exchange server has Active Directory Rights Management. Services (AD RMS) / Information Rights Management (IRM) enabled. An IRM enabled email is highlighted with the icon and you are restricted or permitted to do any of the following security actions:
  • Edit
  • Reply
  • Reply All
  • Forward
  • Copy-Paste
  • Modify recipients
  • Extract
  • Print
  • Export
  • Content Expiry Date
An attempt if made to perform any of the above action on email that has all such restrictions enforced, displays a notification stating that the action is restricted by IT policy applied by sender.

Recognize the S/MIME Signed and Encrypted Emails

To help you differentiate between normal emails and the S/MIME enabled emails, S/MIME enabled emails are displayed with S/MIME icons within the Inbox List view.

Icon Description
The email is signed with S/MIME certificate.
The email iss encrypted using S/MIME.
The email is signed and encrypted using S/MIME.

Other Features

  • Press and hold an email message to copy and paste it into the application.
  • If restricted by your administrator, you cannot copy data from the Workspace ONE Boxer application and paste anywhere outside the application.
  • Workspace ONE Boxer supports accessibility features such as Text to Speech. Enable Workspace ONE Boxer in the device Accessibility or Text to Speech settings on your device to read out the information that is on your screen.
  • If enabled by your administrator, you can copy data from outside the application and paste into the Workspace ONE Boxer application.
  • If your email message has contact number details, tap hold on the number to immediately dial it.
  • If restricted by your administrator, attachments may open through the VMware Workspace ONE Content and other VMware approved apps. Hyperlinks may open only through the Workspace ONE Web.
  • If configured by your administrator, you can preview emails and their attachments within Workspace ONE Boxer.
  • On the attachment preview screen, the Share icon is unavailable. When you tap the Share icon, a toast message displays Disabled by your admin.
  • After performing an action on an email while viewing it, you can have Workspace ONE Boxer either advance to the next message, the previous message, or return to the conversation list. This setting can be configured from Mail settings (navigate to Settings > Mail > More mail settings > Auto Advance).