Welcome to the VMware Workspace ONE Boxer User Guide.

Workspace ONE Boxer offers you mobile productivity with enterprise-grade security. Workspace ONE Boxer containerizes business data from personal data providing frictionless access to enterprise email, calendar, and contacts across corporate-owned devices and BYODs (Bring Your Own Device). You can personalize Workspace ONE Boxer to meet your needs with features like custom swipe gestures, contact avatars, custom smart folders, and account color preferences. Workspace ONE Boxer with its all-in-one email, calendar, and contacts feature provides an intuitive user experience following native design paradigms on Android devices.

From release v4.9, Workspace ONE Boxer supports IBM Notes Traveler v9.0.1 integration. IBM Notes Traveler integration introduces Email, Calendar, and Contacts capabilities in Workspace ONE Boxer using ActiveSync protocol. Workspace ONE Boxer v4.9 or higher is required for the optimum functioning of email, calendar, and other features. IBM Notes Traveler is not supported when you upgrade from Workspace ONE Boxer v4.8 or older versions.