A Privacy Notice and a Data Sharing notice is displayed to all users when logging into Workspace ONE Boxer.

Privacy Notice

A Privacy Notice (scrolling enabled) is displayed to all users when logging into Workspace ONE Boxer.

The Privacy Notice displays the following information:
  • Data collected by the app – Provides a summary of data that is collected and processed by the application. Some of this data is visible to the administrators of the Workspace ONE UEM administration console.
  • Device Permissions – Provides a summary of device permissions requested for the app to enable product features and functionality, such as push notifications to the device.
  • Company's Privacy Policy – By default, a message is displayed for you to get more information about your company. When configured by your administrator, tap Your Company’s Privacy Policy to access your employer’s privacy policy information within Workspace ONE Boxer.

Data Sharing

Workspace ONE Boxer displays a Data Sharing notice that can be used to opt-in to anonymous feature usage analytics that help VMware improve product functionality and invent new product capabilities.

When disabled, the data sharing notice is not displayed, and no data is collected from the device to optimize the app experience. You can enable or disable data sharing by navigating to Settings > Privacy > Data Sharing.