Select an account manually to perform manual setup.


  1. Enter a valid email address.
  2. Tap Manual Setup to view the list of available account types.
  3. Choose the required account type from the list. The selected account type determines the screen to be displayed next.
    • If you choose Outlook, the relevant web view is presented to enter your email address and password for authentication. Upon Outlook server authentication, server requests you to grant permission to access the account. Once granted, the account gets added to Workspace ONE Boxer.
    • If you choose any other account, you are required to enter the password for the account in Workspace ONE Boxer’s interface. After submitting the password, Workspace ONE Boxer verifies the credentials with the relevant server for validation. If validated, the account gets added to Workspace ONE Boxer.
    • In the case of Exchange and Other as the account type, if the password cannot be verified or displays as incorrect, then additional setup options such as incoming/outgoing servers are displayed to you to provide more account setup information.
    • You can add multiple accounts in Workspace ONE Boxer. To do this, navigate to Workspace ONE Boxer’s Boxer Settings > Add Account screen.