Use Workspace ONE Boxer to identify incoming calls without exporting the Boxer contacts to the native contacts application.

This feature provides better security and separation between your corporate contacts and personal contacts. Caller ID functionality using CallKit is only valid for incoming and outgoing calls, and call history.
  • CallKit does not support integration with the iOS Messages app and traditional car Bluetooth systems. Your incoming texts and incoming calls are not identified when using traditional car systems.
  • This feature is supported only on 64-bit devices running iOS 10 and above versions.
  • Caller ID functionality using CallKit is not supported in China due to government restrictions.


  1. Navigate to your iPhone Settings > Phone > Call Blocking & Identification.
  2. To enable the CallKit support, select Workspace ONE Boxer and tap the toggle button .


CallKit support is enabled and your incoming calls and messages are identified using the Boxer contacts.