You can add events to your Boxer calendar with the help of an ICS file.

An ICS file is a calendar file that contains event details like title, date and time of the event, location, attendees, and user’s availability.


  1. To add an event to your calendar, perform the following steps:
    1. Tap on the .ics attachment and preview the event detail. The preview of the ICS attachment shows the event in edit event mode.
    2. To add the event to your Boxer calendar, edit the event details and tap on Add to Calendar.
      In case the event is already present in your calendar, it gives you an option to delete or edit the event if you are the organizer.
  2. You can also add multiple events to your calendar with the help of an .ics file.
    1. To open the list of events, tap on the ICS attachment.
    2. To add all the events to your Boxer calendar, tap on Add All. You can also tap on the individual events to add them individually.
      Upon a successful addition of all events to your calendar, a message N events added to calendar prompts.