Create an email message and add recipients, attach files, or insert photos before you send the message.


  1. Select the Compose icon in the top-right corner of the Inbox screen.
  2. To switch to a different account, tap the account name and select the account from the drop-down menu.
  3. In the Subject box, type the subject of the message.
  4. Enter the recipients' email addresses or names in the To, Cc, or Bcc boxes.
  5. Press and hold the content to cut, copy, paste, or replace the selected term or the content.
  6. Tap the following options to perform actions or to access more features.
    Options Descriptions
    IRM policies Tap and choose the IRM policies that you want to enforce on your email while sending.
    Send Availability Tap to:
    • Send Availability – Send your availability including the date and time. From the calendar view, select the date and time when you are available. Upon selection, a box listing the selected date and time is inserted into the email body.
    • Create Invite – From the calendar view, select the date and time. By default, the event name is picked up from the email subject. Optionally, to set the location, you can edit the event. When an event is created or edited, Workspace ONE Boxer displays the availability status of your recipients. After you add the recipients, send the email message with the invitation to all the recipients. The event gets added to your calendar.
    Quick Replies Tap to insert quick responses into the message body while composing emails. Navigate to Settings > Mail > Quick Templates to edit or add new quick responses.
    Attachments Attach photos, documents, location, and videos from your device or iCloud Drive. Navigate to More from the Attachment option to enable each of the available applications and to view them in the list. If restricted by your administrator, you cannot attach files from photo gallery and third-party sources.
    S/MIME If S/MIME is enabled, and the certificates are installed on your device, tap to sign the emails sent from the device.
    Email Classification

    Enable email classification using security levels. For example, the following classifications can be configured in the increasing order of security:

    • Confidential
    • Protected
    • Restricted
    • Secret

    When enabled, the email subject, header, and footer have the selected classification tag. Email classification can be done only in the increasing order of security. For example, an email sent with 'Secret' classification (highest) cannot be replied with a classification lower than 'Secret.'

  7. Aliases can be added to any account within Workspace ONE Boxer except for the Exchange accounts. You can select the aliases from the From address when composing an email.
  8. After you finish composing your message, tap Send.