To boost your efficiency when using an iOS device, Workspace ONE Boxer helps you organize your inbox and manage your files.

Configure Swipe Actions

To manage your inbox, you can use swipe actions on your email messages. You can configure short and long swipe gestures on both right and left side of your email message.

GIF of Workspace ONE Boxer screen on an iOS device. GIF displays the following: right side of the email message is swiped to select availability from the Calendar view, and to return to the message, left side of the Calendar view is swiped.
  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Select Swipe actions.
  3. Select the desired action from the available swipe actions.

Perform Bulk Actions on Emails Using Action Grid

You can perform bulk actions on the selected emails using the action grid. For example, you can bulk delete or move the selected emails to a different folder.

The Action grid option appears on the top banner of the Inbox screen when you swipe along the email or select single or multiple emails. To select more than one email, either long press (tap and hold) on a message from your inbox or tap on the circular avatar next to a message.

You can perform the following actions on the selected emails:
  • Notebook
    Note: The To-do action and To-Do folder are no longer supported in Workspace ONE Boxer as of version 21.06. The To-do action is replaced with Notebook using which you can create a task or note.
  • Send a quick reply
  • Move
  • Archive
  • Delete
  • Spam
  • Flag
  • Phishing
  • Labeling

When you select one or more emails and tap Select All from Sender option, Workspace ONE Boxer scans the entire visible inbox to select all emails from your selected senders.

View and Manage your Files

The Files section in Workspace ONE Boxer helps you view the list of downloaded files and pre-configured repositories.

You can perform the following actions in the Files section:
  • Preview the files within the Workspace ONE Boxer application.
  • Email the file as an attachment.
  • Open the file into another Workspace ONE approved application.
  • Delete the selected file.
  • Attach files to emails and save your email attachments to the File section.
  • View the list of preconfigured repositories.
  • Access the supported online repositories to browse your corporate content from within the Workspace ONE Boxer application.

When viewing an email with attachment, tap on the file to download and preview it when downloaded. You can also save the file locally in Workspace ONE Boxer for reference.