View, manage, and create calendar events from the Workspace ONE Boxer Calendar tab when installed on an iOS device.

You can synchronize the Workspace ONE Boxer calendar by enabling the Sync Calendar option in Boxer Settings > Accounts > Exchange > Sync Calendar. You can also search for any calendar event by title, location, and attendees.

Note: You cannot sync your work calendar events to the native calendar or personal calendars on your iOS device.

Create a Calendar Event in Workspace ONE Boxer

To create a calendar event, either double-click or long press on any random time displayed on the calendar screen. You can also use the Add icon to create an event and enter the event details in the New Event screen.

Add Attachments to your Calendar Event

You can add attachments when you create a calendar event in Workspace ONE Boxer.
  1. Enable the calendar attachment feature. To do so, you must tap Enable new features from the notification bar and then select Proceed.

    Upon enabling, the back-end services are upgraded to support the calendar attachment feature and a resynchronization is required to fetch your emails.

  2. To add a calendar attachment, select Add attachments when creating an event.

    If your administrator has configured, you can also view and download the attachments that you receive as part of an invitation.

View Event Details

To view the event details in Workspace ONE Boxer, tap an event and use the following options:
Options Descriptions
Email attendees You can send an email only to the organizer or to all attendees including the organizer.
Forward event Forward an event to another user or recipient. While forwarding an event, you are presented with a compose email screen with prepopulated event details where you can add recipients.
Accept Accept an event.
Maybe If you have conflicting events, tap and propose a new time and date to the event organizer.
Decline Decline an event.
You can reply to your event organizer by tapping Accept, Maybe, or Decline options.
You can select one of the following ways to respond to your sender:
  • Respond with comments – Takes you to the email compose screen with space for adding comments before sending email.
  • Respond without comments – Sends response with default comments.
  • Do not send a message.

Set up Reminders for a Calendar Event

You can add reminders to an event or edit a reminder. To set up reminders in Workspace ONE Boxer, perform the following steps:
  1. Navigate to the Calendar tab.
  2. Click any calendar event.
  3. On the Event Details window, edit the reminder, and select any of the default options listed in the Alert window.

View Event Color Categories in Workspace ONE Boxer

Multiple events can be scheduled in the calendar and tracking numerous such events can be a challenge. Using the color categories available in your Outlook desktop application, you can assign colors to your events and categorize them.

These color categorizations help you easily identify and organize the events. You can also provide the name of your choice to your event categories. Workspace ONE Boxer displays the events with their assigned colors in the Agenda, Day, Week, and Month views.

Note: Workspace ONE Boxer displays the events with the colors only if your admin enables the Exchange Web Services (EWS).

You can choose to view the events in monochromatic colors instead of other colors for better visualization of the available time. To activate the monochromatic colors, navigate to Workspace ONE Boxer > Settings > Calendar > More > VS monochromatic colors.

Add Events to your Workspace ONE Boxer Calendar Using an ICS File

You can add events to your Workspace ONE Boxer calendar with the help of an ICS file.

An ICS file is a calendar file that contains event details like title, date and time of the event, location, attendees, and user’s availability.
  1. To add an event to your calendar, perform the following steps:
    1. Tap on the .ics attachment and preview the event detail. The preview of the ICS attachment shows the event in edit event mode.
    2. To add the event to your Workspace ONE Boxer calendar, edit the event details and tap on Add to Calendar.

      In case, the event is already present in your calendar, it gives you an option to delete or edit the event if you are the organizer.

  2. You can also add multiple events to your calendar with the help of an .ics file.
    1. To open the list of events, tap on the ICS attachment.
    2. To add all the events to your Workspace ONE Boxer calendar, tap on Add All. You can also tap on the individual events to add them individually.
    Upon a successful addition of all events to your calendar, a message N events added to calendar prompts.

Add Multiple Calendars

You can add multiple calendars to the default calendar in Workspace ONE Boxer by enabling the Local Calendars option in the Workspace ONE Boxer settings. All the calendars are visible to you in distinct colors. You can also change the calendar color by taping the EDIT icon and specify the color you want to see.

Dial into a Conference Call

You can dial a conference call without remembering the meeting ID directly from the Workspace ONE Boxer application. Upon tapping the conference number specified in the invitation, Workspace ONE Boxer dials the access code and connects you to the conference.

Send your Availability

Scheduling meetings with someone in another organization who has no access to your Workspace ONE Boxer calendar can be challenging. Avoid such back and forth emails when trying to plan meetings by using the Send Availability feature. This feature allows you to send your availability from the Workspace ONE Boxer compose screen.

GIF of Workspace ONE Boxer screen on an iOS device. GIF displays the Send Availability option when responding to an email. The option is chosen and the availability is selected from the Calendar view.

To send your availability, select the available dates and times from the calendar view, by tapping the time you want. Upon selection, a box listing the selected dates and times is inserted to the email body.

Check Someone's Availability

Workspace ONE Boxer displays the availability status of the invitees when creating or editing an event. If you are the event organizer, tap Invitees and add people.

GIF of Workspace ONE Boxer screen on an iOS device. GIF displays the availability of an invitee when an event is created.
  • Workspace ONE Boxer does not support previewing the recipient availability for events with duration less than 30 minutes.
  • Workspace ONE Boxer does not support more than 20 recipients.
  • If you are using email servers that do not support the status lookup feature, Workspace ONE Boxer displays Fetching availability is not supported by your email server message.

If you encounter any network errors when previewing the availability of recipients, Workspace ONE Boxer displays Issue while fetching availability message.

Manage Delegate Calendar Using Workspace ONE Boxer

If you are granted the delegate access, you can modify your delegator's calendar and send and respond to meeting requests on behalf of the delegator. Based on the permission provided by your delegator, you can read, create, and modify their calendar.

Prior to managing your delegator's calendar, ensure that your delegator has granted you access to the calendar.

Note: When delegating a calendar, a delegator can determine the level of access that the delegate must have to their (delegator's) calendar. Based on these permissions, the delegate can perform different actions on behalf of the delegator. Configuring permissions for calendar delegation depends on the Exchange setup that exists in the delegator's environment. For information about configuring permissions, the relevant Microsoft documentation can be considered as a reference.
To manage your delegator's calendar, perform the following:
  1. Navigate to Boxer Settings > Add account > Add shared account > Select an account and add the delegator’s email account.
  2. Refresh your inbox.

    If you are using Office 365 account, you might see duplicate calendars on your calendar screen.

Propose and Accept New Meeting Time

If you are a meeting attendee, you can propose a new meeting time to the meeting organizer directly when responding to the meeting invite from within the invite email. Before proposing a new time, you can also view the availability of all invitees in your organization. As a result, you can choose the new time slot based on the availability of other invitees.
Note: If you are unable to view this functionality, then reach out to the administrator in your organization.

If you are a meeting organizer, you can respond to a newly proposed time for a meeting invite with just a single tap. This action results in automatically sending the new meeting invite to attendees.

When a meeting attendee declines or tentatively accepts an invite and proposes a new time slot for a meeting, as a meeting organizer, you receive an email with a prompt that allows you to either accept or ignore the proposed time. Before sending a response, you can see your own availability at the proposed time slot. If you accept the proposed time, the meeting is automatically moved to the proposed time slot and new meeting invites are sent to all attendees. The attendees are prompted to respond to the new invite.