To maximize Workspace ONE Boxer's efficiency when the application is installed on an iOS device, use certain shortcuts and time-saving tricks.

Perform Quick Actions on Workspace ONE Boxer

To launch a quick action menu, tap and hold the Workspace ONE Boxer icon on your home screen. This menu supports the following shortcut actions:

Options Descriptions
New Mail Directly access the Compose Mail page.
New Event Directly access the New Event page.
New Contact Directly access the Create Contact page.
Next Event Directly access your next event’s details based on the current time.

Send Quick Replies through Response Templates

With the Quick Reply feature, you can quickly reply to your emails without tapping Reply or Send.

GIF of Workspace ONE Boxer screen on an iOS device. GIF displays the Quick Reply option and selecting a response from the existing templates without tapping Reply or Send.

You can also modify the existing responses and create templates for your response by navigating to Settings > Quick templates > Add templates.

Refine Your Email Search

Finding a specific email in an overloaded email inbox can be a challenge. While the quickest way to find an email might be using keywords, sender’s, or recipient’s name, this type of search often returns massive search results.

To help you refine your search and quickly find the email, you are looking for, Workspace ONE Boxer provides you with advanced search filters.

Tapping All filters from your search screen displays the All filters screen with advanced search filters. If you have selected the From, To, Subject, or Has attachment filters from your search screen, these filters appear pre-filled in the All filters screen.

The advanced search filters are:

  • Has attachment – Shows emails that have attachments. This filter is also available on your search screen.
  • Flagged - Shows the emails that you have flagged.
  • Unread – Shows unread messages.
  • Period – Shows the emails for a specific time range. The default period is All time. Tap the filter to see more options. You can set the period to show you the emails from the past 7, 14, or 30 days.
The All filters notification counter shows you the number of selected filters.
Note: Adding more filters narrows your search and makes it more restrictive, and returns a focused search result helping you quickly find the email.

To help you save time, Workspace ONE Boxer saves and displays your past searches in the newest to oldest order using which you can rerun a search without selecting the search filters again.

Change the Email Search Mode

Workspace ONE Boxer supports two email search modes: Extensive Search and Quick Search. You can choose between these two modes in your application. For this option, certain prerequisites are necessary. If you are unable to change the modes, contact your organization's administrator.

Extensive Search
This search mode shows more details such as attachments and events of each email listed in the search result. The emails are shown in threads.
Quick Search
This search mode returns a list of results in just a few seconds and hence this mode is faster than the Extensive mode.

To choose the desired mode in your Workspace ONE Boxer application, go to Settings, select the user account, and navigate to Email Search Mode. Click this option and change the mode.

Change the Default Web Browser

If configured by your administrator, you can change the default web browser to open websites in Safari or Chrome. To change the browser settings, navigate to Settings > Advanced and set the browser from the list.

Send Automatic Out of Office Replies

To set up out of office replies to incoming messages, select the account in the Workspace ONE Boxer settings and turn on the Out of Office option.

When this option is turned on, a Automatic replies banner appears preceding your email list. In addition to the banner, there is also a Turn OFF button which can be used to turn off the automatic out of office replies.

This banner remains displayed until your configured out of office duration ends or when you use the button to turn off the automatic replies.

Note: As part of the earlier behavior where a pop-up message appears every 24 hours when the Workspace ONE Boxer application is open and the Out of Office option is turned on is no longer supported.

Stay Connected with Your VIPs

Imagine a situation where you are on a deadline with a client or working on any critical project with your boss. Any email from these contacts might require your immediate action. Workspace ONE Boxer helps you prioritize these VIP contacts. With the Workspace ONE Boxer's VIP Contact feature, you can create a list of VIP contacts and set a custom notification sound for the list. You can find the configuration of this VIP list in Settings > your exchange account > VIP notifications. This feature requires Email Notification Service (ENS2). To activate VIP notifications, your admin must configure Workspace ONE Boxer with ENS2.

Create Unique Email Signatures

An email signature is automatically applied to the email sent from the Workspace ONE Boxer application. You can modify the default signature with a customized message of your preference. To do so, navigate to Settings and select the account to which you want to add a signature. To create and preview the HTML signature, use the HTML enabled option. You can deactivate the HTML enabled option when adding tags.

Quickly Join Online Meetings

You can quickly join online meetings such as Skype for Business, Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom with one tap from the calendar invitation.

Add Siri Shortcuts

To access quickly the information you need, you can enable Siri Shortcuts. Workspace ONE Boxer provides the following Siri Shortcuts:
  • View upcoming Workspace ONE Boxer meeting
  • View Workspace ONE Boxer agenda for the day
  • Dial into your next Workspace ONE Boxer meeting

To enable Siri Shortcuts in Boxer, you can navigate to iOS Settings > Siri & Search > Boxer > Siri & Suggestions or Boxer Settings > Advanced > Siri Shortcuts and record your Siri suggestions.

You can also combine Workspace ONE Boxer with Apple's Shortcuts application to create more complex workflows.

Report Spam and Phishing Messages

If configured by your administrator, you can report any suspicious email as phishing or spam. You must long press on the email message and select the Phishing or Spam option from the action grid. After reporting an email message as phishing, the original reported email is permanently deleted.

Switch to Dark Mode

Workspace ONE Boxer follows the iOS Dark Mode settings. When in Dark Mode, in the email detail screen, you can toggle an email's contents back into light mode with the sun or moon toggle. This feature requires iOS 13 and later.

Compose Your Emails in a Unique Way

Workspace ONE Boxer introduces a new email compose view. By default, this feature is enabled on Boxer 5.14. The new email compose view includes the following features:
  • Move recipients between the To, Cc, and Bcc boxes.
  • Automatically performs a spell check on the email body.
  • Highlights the external recipients in orange with an external recipients icon.
  • Automatically collapses the To, Cc, and Bcc boxes to give you more space to write your email.

Adding a Shared Mailbox and Calendar to Workspace ONE Boxer

Workspace ONE Boxer for iOS gives you the ability to add a shared account that you have access to and perform collaborative actions on that account based on the allotted permission.

A shared account is an account that lets multiple users send and receive email messages from a common email address. This feature is useful for a team that manages a general mailbox to address customer queries. Based on the permissions set by an admin, you can access a shared account with email messages and calendar invites and can send events and emails as the account. A shared account also provides a common calendar, allowing members to create, read, update, and delete events or check availability.

You can add a shared account by navigating to Boxer Settings > Add account > Add shared account. A shared account does not have a password, so you cannot log into the account directly. You can add a member to a shared account and use the Exchange admin center to grant the following permissions:

  • Full Access: Allows you to access the shared account.

    You can create calendar items, read, view, delete, and change email messages, and create tasks and calendar contacts. You can send email from the shared account using the Send As permission.

  • Send As: Allows you to impersonate a shared mailbox when you send an email.

    For example, when you reply to a message sent to the shared mailbox, the email appears to be from the shared mailbox, and not from your email address.

Network Connection Throttling

In certain scenarios where a large number of network requests are made in a short time, for example, refreshing email folders or re-syncing calendars, the server might temporarily reduce or restrict the communication with Workspace ONE Boxer to minimize congestion. Depending on your organization's environment, the application might indicate such a state and after a while resume working as expected.