Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch SaaS environments are integrated with Akamai's CDN network and the on-premises customer can take advantage of this functionality by obtaining Akamai's CDN capabilities. A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a highly distributed platform of servers that responds directly to the end-user requests for the web content. Content delivery network acts as an intermediary between the AirWatch servers and the end-user devices to mitigate the challenges of delivering the content over the Internet.

Read through the following sections to learn more about setting up integration between Akamai CDN and Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch.

As an on-premises customer you must first establish the relationship with the CDN provider for hosting. Once this environment is available, you can then proceed to integrate with Workspace ONE UEM. Integrating Workspace ONE UEM with a CDN provider lets end users in different regions download the internal applications from the CDN server closest to them, as opposed to an internal file server that is located remotely.

Benefits of Integrating Workspace ONE UEM with CDN

  • Increased download speeds for geographically distributed end users.

  • Reduced load for Workspace ONE UEM servers.

Prerequisites for Integrating Workspace ONE UEM with CDN

  • Account with the Akamai CDN provider.
  • CDN Configuration Tool installer file. To download the installer, go to CDN Configuration Tool.