Workspace ONE Cards fetches configurations through the SDK profile from the Workspace ONE UEM console. These configurations include Exchange Server settings and other security policies. Workspace ONE Cards connects with the Exchange Server based on the authentication method configured in the UEM console, and upload contacts to the Exchange Server after scanning on the device.

You can configure the SDK profile to apply either general or application-specific settings for Workspace ONE Cards. For app-specific settings, configure the Custom Settings payload of the SDK profile. You can set these app-specific settings either as a part of a configured default profile, or as a part of a custom SDK profile that you have explicitly assigned to Workspace ONE Cards.

You can assign only one SDK profile to an application, so you must select either the default or the custom SDK profile for Workspace ONE Cards. The default profile is the same for both iOS and Android, whereas custom profiles are platform-dependent. A custom SDK profile can have additional details as per your organization's requirements.

For more information about default versus custom SDK profile, see App Suite SDK Configurations from the Mobile Content Management Guide.