To deploy and use Workspace ONE Cards, you must meet the requirements related to the UEM console version, operating system, and software.

Console Requirements

To deploy Workspace ONE Cards, you must use the Workspace ONE UEM console 1902 or later versions.

Application Requirements

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub

Software Requirements

Workspace ONE Cards supports Exchange Server 2010 and later versions including Office 365.

Supported Mobile Operating Systems

  • iOS 11 and later
  • Android 5.1 and later

Access and Authentication Requirements

  • Workspace ONE Cards requires access to the EWS endpoint. Workspace ONE Cards must access the EWS URL either directly or through the Secure Email Gateway or VMware Tunnel Per-App VPN. It also requires the HTTPS protocol and port 443 to access EWS.
  • Workspace ONE Cards supports Basic, NTLM, Certificate, and Modern authentications.