Application Groups lets you group applications into blacklisted, whitelisted, and required applications. Use application groups to give access to desired users and to restrict access to unnecessary users.

Using the Workspace ONE UEM console you can ensure users have access to the appropriate applications based on their organizational roles.


  1. Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > Applications Settings > App Groups.
  2. Select Add Group.
  3. List tab:
    1. Select Type as Whitelist, Blacklist, Required or MDM Application. On selecting the Type, the Name field gets automatically populated.
    2. Enter the Application Name and the Application ID. The Application ID automatically completes when you use the search function to search for the app from an app store.
    3. Select Add Application to add multiple applications and then select Next to navigate to the Assignment tab. Add exceptions to your application group to create detailed whitelists and blacklists.
  4. Assignment tab:
    1. Enter a Description for the application group.
    2. Define the Device Ownership as Corporate-Dedicated, Corporate-Shared, Employee Owned, or Undefined.
    3. Assign the device Model and the Operating System.
    4. Select the Organization Group and User Group for the application group to be assigned to and then select Finish to complete the process.