A Knox License Key is needed to enable Samsung Knox containers on your Android devices.

The license key is stored in the console, but is not visible. It is only viewable one time by selecting Show Password button during initial entry. The license key is only validated during the enrollment process not upon input into the console. This key is part of the Samsung Knox License Management System. For more information on obtaining a license key, see the Samsung Knox web site.

To enable the Samsung Knox License Key:


  1. Navigate to Devices > Device Settings > Android > Hub Settings.
  2. Select Enable Knox Containers under Samsung Knox.
  3. Enter your Knox License Key you obtained from Samsung.
    If you no longer need the access to Samsung Knox licenses, you can clear the Knox License Key in the Android Hub Settings page by adding a placeholder value, such as 1111. Clearing the key prevents error messages resulting from invalid or inactive keys being accessed by Hub.
    Note: Clearing the key for existing devices may cause devices to lock indefinitely which then requires a factory reset of the device. Use caution when clearing the Knox License Key field.
    For more information, see Devices & Users / Android / Hub Settings.
  4. Select Save to enable the creation of container profiles.
  5. Navigate to Devices > List View > Details View > Summary and see the Container section of the page to view the creation status. The status is listed as Success, Failed or No Container.