Containerization of enterprise content provides you with a dual device experience, successfully splitting the enterprise functions of your device into an encrypted container. Configuring profiles helps you secure the corporate container with your Samsung Knox-enabled device. This allows you to use your phone as a personal and work device without threatening security.

Certain corporate-owned device scenarios support the creation of Container Only Mode which locks the device into to Knox container with no dual persona or personal side to the device. In this case, profiles only applies to the container. The prompt for configuring the device in Container Only Mode is selected during enrollment and the user cannot change this setting.

Device Access

Some device profiles configure the settings for accessing an Knox device. Use these profiles to ensure that access to a device is limited only to authorized users.

Some examples of device access profiles include:

Device Security

Ensure that your Knox devices remain secure through device profiles. These profiles configure the native Knox security features or configure corporate security settings on a device through AirWatch.

Device Configuration

Configure the various settings of your Knox devices with the configuration profiles. These profiles configure the device settings to meet your business needs.

  • Access a URL directly from an icon on the device's menu. For more information, see Bookmarks (Knox).
  • Set the date and time and the display format to provide your fleet with the appropriate regional format. For more information, see Set Date/Time (Knox).